Birthday Special: 9 Most Bizzare Controversial Statements by Rakhi Sawant That Prove She is The Queen of Drama

Birthday Special: 9 Most Bizzare Controversial Statements by Rakhi Sawant That Prove She is The Queen of Drama

Rakhi Sawant. What can be said about her? The more you delve into this multi-layered personality, the more you understand that nothing lies beneath, and whatever is on the surface, is artificial, as frankly admitted by her. She is the most unabashed woman in the industry, and from foul mouthing co-stars/contestants, to naming some of the big names in Bollywood in dirty matters, to even trying to join politics, Rakhi Sawant has done all and sundry, and no matter what the consequence and how much the ridicule, we can quite admire the fact that he spirit is quite an adamant and courageous one. After all, it takes a considerable amount of guts to face the world and talk as unabashedly as she does, post what has she done on camera, every time.

Therefore, today, on the birthday of the “diva” of Bollywood, let us just take a look at some of the most controversial things done by her and most nonsensical but so-bad-that-it’s-so-good statements by her.

She tried to convince everyone that Salman Khan had not uttered the ‘raped woman’ comment

We promise you. Rakhi insisted that Salman was a prey to controversies against him, and while he just moved his lips, someone made it look like he said the word. Sigh!

Her ridiculous take on Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide

Most Bizzare Controversial Statements by Rakhi Sawant

Well, either Rakhi is fame-hungry, or she truly believes in what she says, for nothing prepared us for this. She actually appealed the PM to ban fans, as those were the cause for suicides. Facepalm!

On Sunny Leone being a pornstar

Rakhi’s feelings towards the former Porn star and now a Bollywood actress Sunny Leone are not hidden. The former absolutely despises the latter and on being told that Aamir Khan had said he wanted to work with Sunny, Rakhi said that she will become a porn-star so that she can too work with Aamir. WTF!

The infamous Mika and kiss case

Most Bizzare Controversial Statements by Rakhi Sawant

Well, a lot has been said and done about this and now even Rakhi and Mika have let bygones be bygones. But we can’t deny the fact that how much uproar it had created back then.

She claimed to know all about the Sheena Bora Murder Case

Yes, and she sympathised with Indrani Mukherjea, the accused, so much that she even made a movie named ‘Mera Naam Julie’, wherein she played the role. The movie tanked, of course.

When she thought Katrina was inspired by her

Well, we can’t blame her to believe that. Rakhi claimed that Katrina had copied her steps in the hit number ‘Chikni Chameli’, and the moves and steps were something Rakhi had already done long back.

She revealed about plastic surgery on ‘Koffee With Karan’

Most Bizzare Controversial Statements by Rakhi Sawant

Yes, she graced the most coveted and controversial couch, to give it a Raakhi twist. She openly admitted to plastic surgeries quoting that what God can’t give can be achieved by surgery.

Her ‘swayamwar’ on Television was quite a hit affair

Most Bizzare Controversial Statements by Rakhi Sawant

Yes, even more than anything in her career. ‘Raakhi ka swayamwar’ was a very hit reality show, and she even got a ‘humsafar’, only to break up with him in the next reality show ‘Pati, patni aur wo’, where they were supposed to bring up kids together. Whatever might be the case, these two shows were indeed the high points of Rakhi’s life.

She even contested in elections!

Bizzare Controversial Statements by Rakhi Sawant

Well, no matter what the outcome, at least her intentions were noble. Rakhi created her own party with the election sign of ‘mirchi’, and asked people to vote for her. She even adorned a humble and fully covered attire, to add a feel to her cause. She did not win, but that too was one incident not many are likely to forget.

Well, well, she truly is an entertainment cracker. We wish someone could have tapped her potential in the right way. Anyway, we do wish her a very Happy Birthday, and a great life ahead, with the same, devil-may-care attitude.

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