Anushka Sharma’s Clothing Brand ‘Nush’ Slammed For Plagiarism, Designs Copied From Chinese Retailers

Anushka Sharma’s Clothing Brand ‘Nush’ Slammed For Plagiarism, Designs Copied From Chinese Retailers

Anushka Sharma jumped on the bandwagon of celebrities who have launched their own cloth-line with Sonam Kapoor and her sister Rhea Kapoor being the latest. Few days back, Anushka Sharma unveiled her own fashion label named ‘Nush’ with an autumn winter collection comprising 160 pieces. The Nush is supposed to be available to shop from ShoppersStop and Myntra from Oct 12th.

Things have surprisingly turned bitter and Anushka Sharma brand’s ‘Nush’ is under fire for plagiarism who is been accused of stealing designs from several Chinese website.

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This will surely bring huge backlash for Anushka Sharma and her brand ‘Lush’, as Anushka in her video had mentioned that she is involved in every minor details of her clothing brand. She worked closely with her team stretching as long as 9 hours, brainstorming on clothing and site designs. She even mentioned in her video that ‘Nush’ do not support animal cruelty and her clothing brand is for every woman. At the launch of her brand, she even went on saying that her mom had to remind her to eat as she was very busy with her fashion label.

According to Mumbai Mirror, particularly two bomber jackets – pink and black, a trench coat, a parka and a pair of striped monochrome pants are under scanner and are accused of ripping off designs from a bunch of Chinese online retailers.

Anushka Sharma Nush plagiarism

A statement by spokesperson for Anushka Sharma – “from last two days several discrepancies have been arising and we are looking into this matter. We will definitely get to the bottom of this issue and will take stringent actions if required. We will share more details with the media when the issue is sorted and matter is clarified.”


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