What! Is Sonam Kapoor Dating This Delhi Based Businessman?

What! Is Sonam Kapoor Dating This Delhi Based Businessman?

Bollywood’s fashion icon and actress Sonam Kapoor is once again in the news, and this time for a cute reason. The lady, who is usually very guarded regarding her personal life, is rumoured to be in a relationship with someone, and before you speculate, no, it is no one from B-town.

If reports are to be believed, Sonam is dating Delhi-based businessman, Anand Ahuja. Our birdies have also suggested that the relationship is not new, and has in fact been going on for about two years! Wow! We really wonder how it escaped shutterbug’s and paparazzi’s attention.

Anand Ahuja is known to be the owner of a fashion brand named ‘Bhane’, and is fairly a big name in the fashion industry and amongst various Bollywood celebrities. Sonam too, has been spotted quite a number of times promoting his brand, on many occasions.

Sonam Kapoor Dating This Delhi Based Businessman

He certainly is one good looking man, with a healthy dose on fun and humor thrown in. What do you think?

Well, given this diva’s fashion sense is so on point, we cannot think of a better match for her. True or not we can’t be certain of that, but we definitely approve!

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