Naomi Osaka Reveals Her Celebrity Crush To Ellen DeGeneres; What Happens Next Is Adorable

Naomi Osaka Reveals Her Celebrity Crush To Ellen DeGeneres; What Happens Next Is Adorable

Ellen DeGeneres Plays Matchmaker Between Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan; Watch Michael’s Reply for Naomi Osaka.

US Open Champion Naomi Osaka appeared on The Ellen Show on Wednesday, talking everything from recent controversial US Open match to her celebrity crush to what she is planning to do with her winning amount of 3.8 million dollars. After her incredible (and controversial) win at the US Open against her idol Serena Williams on Saturday, 20-year-old Naomi Osaka became a globally renowned name. 

With all Shy and coy, Naomi revealed her celebrity crush to Ellen DeGeneres not knowing the celebrity name, but his movie. Naomi Osaka have a crush on the villain of Black Panther movie Michael B. Jordan

Osaka said, “I don’t know his name but he was in Black Panther,” Osaka told Ellen adding, “but he was the villain.”

What happened next was Ellen DeGeneres took the matter into her hand and texted Michael saying ‘hi’ taking a selfie with Osaka.  Ellen told Naomi that she will set-up her and Michael and she should get some cut from her winning amount.


Osaka was visibly seen very uncomfortable with all the attention she was been receiving with her first her Grand Slam champion. And, Ellen playing the matchmaker part was even more adding up. She posted a tweet 

“Ok. It’s time for me to leave this planet. Embarrassment level has reached critical stage  “

You think this was over, na. Ellen had Michael responding her message with a video for Naomi Osaka. He congratulated Naomi for her incredible win – Watch Micheal B. Jordan’s video for Naomi Osaka – 

While the US Open match attracted major controversies due to Serena Williams’ unacceptable behaviour against Umpire Carlos Ramos, Haitian and Japanese descent Osaka’s fairy-tale win was lost in the air. Serena Williams’ heated argument with umpire over shadowed Naomi Osaka’s win. 

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At the time when tearful Osaka appeared for the trophy ceremony, she thought that the crowd was booing at her.

Osaka also told Ellen what Williams had whispered in her ear following the match saying, “She said that she was proud of me and that I should know that the crowd wasn’t booing at me… so I was really happy that she said that.”

“At the time I did kinda think they were booing at me… I couldn’t tell what was going on because it was just so loud in there, so it was a little bit stressful.”

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Naomi told Ellen that she will buy some present for her parents with the amount she won at US Open. Ellen gifted Naomi a 64 inch 4k TV and concluded the show saying Naomi Osaka to embrace her win and she is adorable.


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