Did Travis Scott Dumped His Pregnant Girlfriend Kylie Jenner?

Did Travis Scott Dumped His Pregnant Girlfriend Kylie Jenner?

The rumour mill has it that rapper Travis Scott, 25 have dumped his 20-year old cosmetic queen Kylie Jenner after they had a ‘massive fight’ over him partying with strippers.

Just after Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy is finally out, people are poking their nose and asking Kylie Jenner to reveal her pregnancy. Though Kylie Jenner haven’t really confirmed if she is pregnant or not, rumors has it that she is pregnant and her due date is falling somewhere next year Feb first week.  There are reported news that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby and the duo are had a fight over the rapper’s night party with the strippers.

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It seems Kylie Jenner is handling her pregnancy all alone and Travis Scott is not around her. Friends of 20-year-old cosmetic mogul Kylie Jenner said that, “they had a huge fight and Travis walked out.”

According to leading resource, “Travis just wants to have fun with his friends. Kylie’s worried that when it’s time for him to be there for her and the baby, he won’t step up.” 

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The source told the leading magazine that, “Kylie is really paranoid that Travis is partying with strippers instead of being there for her. He’s a real live-for-the-moment kind of guy and didn’t expect he’d become a dad so young. He doesn’t quite feel ready for it,” the source continued, claiming that “her nagging only makes him distance himself more. He couldn’t take it anymore and needed space.” 

“thought that some tough love was what Travis needed, but it backfired and now there’s no telling whether he’ll come back. Travis is a decent guy, and his friends think he will try to do the right thing by his child, but Kylie has to face the sad reality that things may be over between them for good.” 

This entire episode have upset Kim Kardashian, half sister of Kylie Jenner. Kim is supposedly furious over Travis Scott for not being there for her pregnant sister Kylie Jenner. She is upset for the fact that Travis is ditching her pregnant sister. 

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Kim Kardashian thinks the her sister Kylie “does not deserve to be ignored during the final months of her pregnancy so the big sister is stepping up big time.” While Travis hasn’t been beside Kylie, Kim’s the one “helping Kylie get to all of her doctor’s appointments, has been making sure Kylie is eating right and has been making sure she is getting enough rest and not working too much.” 

It seems Kim Kardashian also contacted Travis for her little sister Kylie Jenner and bashed him saying that his behaviour is not justifiable.

So with the going it may happen that Kylie Jenner will be a single mom. 


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