Tanushree Dutta Claims Nana Patekar Sexually Harassed Her On Sets, 10 Years Ago

Tanushree Dutta Claims Nana Patekar Sexually Harassed Her On Sets, 10 Years Ago

The Aashiq Banaya Aapne actor Tanushree Dutta accuses Nana Patekar for sexual harassment happened 10 years on the set.

The ‘Me Too’ movement is creating headlines all around the world but India, it has just started to create ripples again. Talking about the revolutionary movement, ‘Aashiq Banay aAapne’ actress Tanushree Dutta revealed that she has been sexually harassed by a veteran actor of Bollywood.

While talking with Zoom Tv, Tansushree recalled the incident that took place on the sets of ‘Horn Ok Pleasss’ in 2008. Former Miss India was signed up to dance in a song sequence of the movie and things turned sour for the actress soon after.

On the sets, time and again, Tanushree went up to the director Rakesh Saran, producer Sami Siddiqui and choreographer Ganesh Acharya with the compliant of veteran actor Nana Patekar touching her inappropriately—but nobody paid any heed to her.

Reportedly, things escalated soon when even after misbehaving with Tanushree, Nana insisted on doing an intimate dance step with her when the song sequence was supposed to the actress’ solo number. The former Miss India recalled how Nana would come in tell the choreographer to step aside and said, “I’ll teach her how to dance”.

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It did not stop here.

“I would feel very uncomfortable when he would come next to me and try to put his arm around me. He’d throw me around and say, ‘You stand here, you stand there’.”

Furthermore, Nana was finding reasons to be on set when he was not supposed to!

If this was not enough, according to Tanushree, Nana Patekar had her car vandalized!

As per the interview, Nana Patekar called up this political party who has a reputation of lynching and causing damages on the film sets.

“So, I got off my vanity van and head towards our vehicle. They had my car vandalised, which is also first-degree assault by a mob.”

To gain publicity, producers called media but instead of trying to stop them they asked the guards to close the gates and seal the premises.

Talking about how in spite of knowing what was happening with her, nobody stood up with her, Tanushree stated, “When you are in the industry you hear so many stories about these actors. But these things never take surface because they are PR packaged very well. They will give some money to some poor farmers. How much they do and how much they don’t know, no one knows. But all this is just for show.”

Nana narrated his side of the story in a press conference held in 2008, where he stated:

“Tanushree is my daughter’s age and I have no clues about what made her say such things about me. I have been a part of this film industry since the last 35 years and haven’t had anyone saying such things about me ever.”

However, in her latest interview Tanushree claimed that industry insiders know Nana Patekar’s dark reality. As per her, it is a known fact that Nana has been disrespectful and crude towards women. This is not all— he has also beaten actresses and molested them.

But no one paid Tanushree any heed as she was just a new comer. To this the former Miss India said, “This is a culture of our country. The people who should be ashamed are not ashamed of their actions. Instead, people tried to thwart my freedom of speech when I spoke up against him,”


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