Sunil Grover To Quit The Kapil Sharma Show After A Shocking Incident

Sunil Grover To Quit The Kapil Sharma Show After A Shocking Incident

This came as a shock to know that top comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover got into an ugly fight earlier this week. It all happened on a flight from Australia to India. The fight between the two started after drunken Kapil Sharma loudly started abusing and assaulting Sunil Grover.

Reportedly, Kapil Sharma was allegedly in a drunken state when he humiliated and assaulted Sunil Grover on a packed flight. Passengers, as well as Kapil Sharma’s team members, were shocked to see this behavior of the comedian. Kapil also tried to hit. Insulted Sunil said he would have been nowhere if he had not given him a platform. He also called him a flop. After this, Sunil lost his cool and got in an argument with Kapil.

Now as per reports, Sunil has decided to quit the show and he no longer wants to be the part of The Kapil Sharma Show after this incident. According to members of show’s team, the tension between the two has been brewing for quite some time but little did anyone know that Kapil would react this way. Kapil’s excessive drinking habit is the reason of his ill manner and we think he needs to pay off for this as Sunil will leave the show now.

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Sunil Grover’s characters ‘Rinku Bhabhi’ and ‘Dr. Mashoor Gulati’ are very much loved by the audience. This would be a huge loss for the show if Sunil quits the show. Sunil has already recorded the episodes for this weekend (March 18-19) and will not be seen thereafter. 


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