After Sunil Grover, Is Chandan Prabhakar aka Chaiwala Too is Boycotting ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’?

After Sunil Grover, Is Chandan Prabhakar aka Chaiwala Too is Boycotting ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’?

The ugly fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover is not hidden to anyone now. The dirty fight on the flight has caused damage to the show, Sony channel and Kapil Sharma more than he might have anticipated. Though Kapil Sharma tried to patch up the things, he didn’t succeed. He apologized Sunil Grover for his second-rate behaviour on twitter and Facebook but it didn’t work.(Read here – FINALLY! Kapil Sharma Speaks Up On Abusing Co-Star Sunil Grover!). According to DNA, Sunil Grover has quit The Kapil Sharma Show

This was just not enough and we hear now that one more character may quit the famous Kapil Sharma Show. After Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar too didn’t report to work. Chandan, who is also a childhood friend of Kapil Sharma did not report to work nor did he give the reason for not coming for the shoot. Chandan Prabhakar performs the ‘chaiwala’ role besides Sunil Grover’s Mashoor Gulati’s role which are irreplaceable, famous and soul of the show.

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According to reports from SpotboyE, Chandan said, “Yes, I am not shooting with Kapil today. They called me but I refused.” And giving ambiguous reason , “I told them that I am unavailable.”

When asked further on what happened at the flight, Chandan said, “I really don’t want to talk anything about the flight incident.” What we assume with Chandan’s reaction is that he is annoyed and may quit the show. If this is true, we speculate that may be Sunil Grover and Chandan Prakhar would form one team together and start altogether a new show!

According to reports, Kapil and his team shot sans Sunil and Chandan today because the show has to run. If Sunil Grover and Chandan Prabhakar are really quitting the show, the catastrophe will bring Sony channel to knees as The Kapil Sharma Show is the highest TRP rating for the channel. 


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