Sridevi’s Mysterious Death Theories; From Dawood’s Involvement to Rs 240 Crore Insurance

Sridevi’s Mysterious Death Theories; From Dawood’s Involvement to Rs 240 Crore Insurance

Mystery around Sridevi’s tragic death deepens after “accidental drowning” in a bathtub in a Dubai hotel, caused for her death.

The world hasn’t forgotten yet the untimely loss of veteran Bollywood actress Sridevi. The late actress was attending a family wedding in Dubai when she was found dead in her hotel room’s bathtub by her husband Boney Kapoor on February 24th. It has been over three-months but the mystery surrounding Sridevi’s death still remains.Whereas the post-mortem report states the reason of death was accidental drowning but theories suggest that it is a planned murder.

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According to some media reports retired ACP Ved Bhushan believes that Sridevi’s death was in fact a planned murder orchestrated by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim for reasons unknown.

To conduct his private investigation Bhushan traveled to Dubai and spent a night in the very same hotel that once hosted Sridevi—Jumeirah Emirates Tower. The retired police officer claims that he was not allowed to look at Sridevi hotel room and stayed in the adjacent room to hers. There he enacted her supposed death scene in the bathroom and came to a conclusion that an accidental drowning is not possible.

Ved believes that it is very easy to put someone in the bathtub forcibly until the victim stops breathing without leaving evidence of the crime. To strengthen his belief, the hotel Jumeirah Emirates Tower is apparently owned by Dawood Ibrahim. Due to these findings Ved Bhushan is planning to file an appeal in the Supreme Court so that the death of Sridevi can be re-examined.

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According to another theory the veteran actress was murdered over an insurance policy. Supporter of this theory is filmmaker Sunil Singh.

According to Sunil Singh’s lawyer Vikas Singh an insurance policy worth Rs 240 crore was bought in Oman in Sridevi’s name. Now the policy has a very interesting clause which says that the policy could have been encashed only if the actress had died in Dubai.

Now is it a coincidence or sheer dumb luck that a 5.6-foot-tall person drowned in a 5.1-foot bathtub?

Adamant to receive justice on Sridevi’s behalf, Sunil Singh even approached the Supreme Court demanding a re-investigation but his plea was rejected.

Whatever the reason for Sridevi’s untimely passing may be but one has to admit that these theories are pretty compelling.


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