9 Pair of Shoes Every College Girl Must Have

9 Pair of Shoes Every College Girl Must Have

I love when people say “OMG! Those are super cute pair of shoes.” However, I am not in college any longer, but the love for shoes is not over. With so many variety of shoes in the store, it can be overwhelming to select the must have one.  So, how do you know which pair of shoes you need in college?

Do not worry we have your back. Here are nine pairs of shoes that every college girl must own.

1. Sneakers

There is nothing better than a pair of comfortable shoe to run around in. In addition, sneakers are going to be your best friend for the longest time. These comfy beauties will give you a tomboy chic look, but it’s totally worth it.  They are versatile and worn over jeans, shorts, skirt or dress.

Shoes Every College Girl Must Have



Oh, I love converse! In addition to sneakers mentioned above, converse is also going to be your best buds in college because they are meant flat and made just for style. They are super comfy, never go out of style and match almost every outfit.

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Shoes Every College Girl Must Have


3. Black Pumps

Talking about versatile shoes! Black pumps are one of those.  Black heels are timeless and a must have for all those presentations, interviews or night outs.  They are defs a must have.

Shoes Every College Girl Must Have


4. Any Color Heels

It is always good to keep an additional pair of heels in your closet. You never know when you have to dress up for any occasion, pair your outfit with a pair of heels. I personally love nudes or beige heels, they never go out of fashion and also match perfectly with all kinds of outfits.  Or just pick any color heels.

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Shoes Every College Girl Must Have


5. Flats

However, I suggested heels, but they are not the most sensible shoes to wear daily.  If you know, you will spend most of the day running around the campus. Trade your heels with a pair of cute or funky flats. Try printed or embellished flats to add some punk to your look.

Shoes Every College Girl Must Have


6. Sandals

Show off your fresh pedi in these beauties. Easy to wear and so versatile. Just throw on, on any outfit and you are good to go.  Select from white, black or nude colors, they go with everything from jeans to dresses.

Shoes Every College Girl Must Have


7. Flip Flops

They are an obvious addition to the closet. There are days when you want your feet to breathe and nothing better than flip-flops. Especially with summer around the corner, super comfy and casual.

Shoes Every College Girl Must Have


8. Warm Weather Boots

Uggs are basic yet stylish. Best to wear when the weather is cold. It keeps you warm as the boots are made of leather or sheepskin and stylish at the same time.

Shoes Every College Girl Must Have


9. Booties

Boots are statement shoes. They are stylish and look hot. Wear it with an outfit which gives it bo-ho chic looks.

Shoes Every College Girl Must Have



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