Shobhaa De Makes a Rude Comment About Olympic Players, and Celebrities Respond

Shobhaa De Makes a Rude Comment About Olympic Players, and Celebrities Respond

Shobhaa De, a celebrated journalist, novelist, and columnist, is a living example of the fact that sometimes, acting too pricey and knowledgeable can be a hindrance for you. The lady has been known for her sharp comments on various subject matters, but this time, maybe she got a tad too far when she tweeted this, on our Olympic athletes.


Tut, tut. For a lady who boasts herself on being the face of Indian literature, and considers herself to be an ‘opinion shaper’ (as per her Twitter profile), this is certainly an unacceptable remark.

Soon enough, we came to know that we were not the only ones thinking so. Tweets poured in from all over the country, as the whole India united over this insult of our Olympic players.

A notable one was that of singer Abhijeet, who apparently had the good intention of demeaning Shobhaa De and uplifting the athletes, but miserably failed in doing so, because of two reasons. Firstly, because of the derogatory language that he used for the veteran journalist, and secondly because the chirpy Sonam Kapoor was ready to take him on by reminding him of his infamous tweet on the Salman Khan case. Take a look at the tweets below to get the jist of this.





Well, though Sonam did not clear her stance on the matter, but she did have a point. She called Abhijeet a ‘hypocrite’, referring to the tweet of his that stated that Salman was indeed innocent of the ‘hit and run’ crime.

Take a look at that ‘notorious’ tweet here,


Hypocrite much?

Anyway, actress Sonakshi Sinha too took to Twitter to express her support for the players, and slammed Shobhaa De for her insensitive comment.

But the real gold goes to ace shooter Abhinav Bindra, who, with all his honesty and modesty, gave a befitting reply to Shobhaa De.

To which actress Gul Panag gave the sweetest response, with an embedded burn for Shobhaa.



Abhishek Bachchan, known for his calm and sensible tweets, too pitched in his opinion, and we couldn’t agree more.


Glad to see the whole nation uniting for and appreciating the efforts of our players in Rio. You go guys, and whether you win or lose, you have already won our hearts!


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