Read 7 Interesting Unknown Facts About Arjun Kapoor On His Birthday Special

Read 7 Interesting Unknown Facts About Arjun Kapoor On His Birthday Special

Birthday Boy Arjun Kapoor has had one amazing journey from being just Boney Kapoor’s son to being the in-demand Bollywood actor that he is today. Arjun Kapoor is many things to many people around him. An anchor and protector to his sisters, a fun friend and most of all an interesting personality to get to know.

So, let us read about some lesser known interesting facts about Arjun Kapoor on his 33rd birthday!

1. Arjun Kapoor’s fear— Salman Khan

As we know Salman Khan is a godfather to many actors and actresses in Bollywood. A nod of approval from Salman Khan can make a person’s career. Bhai of Bollywood is revered by many maybe that is why no one wants to get on his bad side!

Way before Arjun became an actor he was an assistant director and was in a serious relationship with Arpita Khan. Yes, Salman Khan’s baby sister Arpita Khan. Afraid of the pull Bhai had, Arjun Kapoor came clean not only to Salman but to the entire Khan Khandaan, hence making his relationship official. Such is Salman Bhai’s fear!

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2. Is Arjun Kapoor the reason for Malaika Arora’s divorce?

The news of ‘Mubarakan’ actor Arjun Kapoor’s closeness with the Khan Khandaan is very old. The ties he shares with this family are very old so much so that Arjun is a Bollywood actor due to Salman Khan! But is Arjun Kapoor also the reason for Malaika Arora’s divorce with Arbaaz Khan? Reports say that he is! The rumours of undeniable attraction and growing closeness between the much older Bollywood’s item girl and Arjun were responsible of burning the bridge between Malaika and Arbaaz.


3. Arjun Kapoor’s unapologetic man crush on Hrithik Roshan!

Arjun revealed this bit of interesting information during the sets of Koffee With Karan. Later on several occasions Arjun has spoken about his harmless crush. During the promotions of ‘Ki & Ka’, Arjun while talking about Hrithik Roshan said, “Main hoon toh Ka, par jab bhi unhe dekhta hoon, Ki ho jaata hoon. People call him Greek God. I say aise Gods toh Greece mein bhi nahin miltey.”

After all a little crush has harmed no one!


4. Arjun Kapoor’s journey downhill after dropping out of school!

Arjun was a mere school going boy when his father separated from his mother to marry Sridevi. This not only created a rift in the Kapoor family but also paved a downhill path for young Arjun. Since his parents’ separation had become fodder for tabloids he stopped going to school to avoid questions. Doing so not only made young Arjun become an introvert but also made him a victim of obesity. Later on the brink of entering Bollywood, Arjun started to shed those extra pounds but that too took him years.


5. Arjun Kapoor’s phobia of ceiling fans

Yes, Arjun Kapoor is scared of fans. Not the ones who comprise of his ever-growing fandom but the ones that hang off of our ceilings! Arjun is so scared of fans that reportedly his home is void of ceiling fans. Very interesting indeed!


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6. Mended bridges with father Boney Kapoor and step sisters Janhvi-Khushi only after Sridevi’s death

Veteran actress Sridevi’s untimely death was a shock to all of but most of all to her family. Although, owing to her unfortunate death and the circumstances surrounding it, the knit between the Kapoor family has become tighter than ever. Arjun Kapoor has maintained a distance from his father Boney Kapoor ever since he got married to Sridevi. The already strained relationship was nearly dead as Arjun has been quoted several times stating that Boney Kapoor has never been a parent to him.

But after his step mother’s demise, Arjun has stepped up to the plate of being an elder brother to his step sisters and son to his father in this time of need. Probably for the first time we saw some sort of a connection between father and son during Sridevi’s funeral procession. Recently Arjun was seen lending support to Boney Kapoor while he accepted an award on behalf of Sridevi.


7. Arjun Kapoor is a true foodie

It is a known fact that how difficult has Arjun’s journey from being flab to being fab has been. The actor underwent years of rigorous training and strict dieting to reach where he is, still Arjun cannot resist the need to cheat! Arjun Kapoor is a self-confessed foodie who loves devouringa simple samosa and the epic combination of khadi chawal. As for something sweet he often helps himself with a spoonful of Nutella’s goodness!


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