Arrest Warrant Against Rakhi Sawant: After Calling Sage ‘Valmiki’ A Murderer

Arrest Warrant Against Rakhi Sawant: After Calling Sage ‘Valmiki’ A Murderer

An arrest warrant is been issued against controversy queen Rakhi Sawant. Well, this time Rakhi Sawant have outraged with her harsh words against Hindu sage Valmiki who compiled the famous ‘Ramayan’.  Ludhiana police have issued arrest warrant against controversy kid Rakhi Sawant for making offensive statements against sage Valmiki.

Rakhi Sawant referred sage Valmiki as murderer turned sage. Her objectionable statement on private TV channel hurt religious sentiments of Valmiki community. On March 9 the complaint was lodged and arrest warrant was issued. The complaint read as,“By doing so she has hurt the religious sentiments of a large number of his followers.”

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Ludhiana police have left for Mumbai to arrest Rakhi. In the video Rakhi is referring Mika Singh to Valmiki. On explaining how people and situation change, she stated on how Sage Valmiki, once a murderer changed, became a sage and wrote Ramayana and so is Mika Singh. Mika Singh is now ‘changed’ and ‘innocent’.

Listen Rakhi Sawant in this video – 


Sawant have failed to appear for hearing held on 9 March. Court issued Several summons but Rakhi did not turn up. The next hearing is held on April 10.

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