Priyanka Chopra At The Penguin Lecture: “I got where I am today by being fierce, fearless and flawed”

Priyanka Chopra At The Penguin Lecture: “I got where I am today by being fierce, fearless and flawed”

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra as we all know has gained immense fame in Hollywood and has become an overnight sensation. Of course, she is a global icon today! The actress was recently in Delhi to deliver the Penguin Annual Lecture. During the question-answer session, the actress gave some bold statements that have become talk of the town. She also answered a question of being paid Rs 5 crore for a five-minute performance at an awards event. She also spoke about how her dream has always been about achieving more than she has.

Priyanka Chopra looking lovely in a pink jumpsuit also delivered a motivational lecture at the Siri Fort Auditorium. Here are some bold answers that are right takeaways from Priyanka’s answers and speech:

Dig at the rumours of being paid Rs 5 crore act for her five-minute performance:  “It’s not about whether I want a car or want so many zeros on my cheque. For me, it has always been bigger than that… There’s a bigger picture…”

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Asked if zeroes matter.. she said, ” Yes. Because I work very hard for them. And I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, though my parents always gave me one. I always worked very hard to be where I am and I think each one of us deserves to be compensated for it. But it was funny because there are so many people who talk about the kind of numbers that I apparently get for certain minutes of my time. The boys are never asked this question. Their zeroes are ridiculous. Have you even seen the zeroes that they get on their cheques? We should be celebrating that at least there’s one girl who has gone out there.”

On gender pay gap: “I am very proud of myself that I have had the ability to work so hard that I can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my male counterparts in the top 10 of India, but at the same time, there’s a question — Why is there just one of me when there are so many of them in that industry.”

On “Breaking the glass ceiling – chasing a dream”: “It puts my ambition in a box…It doesn’t mean that glass ceilings don’t exist. It does. But I want to be more than that. I got where I am today by being fierce, fearless and flawed.”

On #MeToo and other movements this year: “I think it has struck a chord with everyone in the world. You have all seen what happened with the Me Too hashtag. It was not just restricted to the US…It went all over the world,” she said, before adding that we all have our own ways of reacting to abuse and exploitation in any form. “Different countries have different cultural boundaries. Meryl Streep can stand up and talk against the President over there (in US). They can sell anti-Trump memorabilia outside his house. It’s just a different way we live in our nation and we need to respect it.”


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