Princess Michael Apologizes After Wearing Racist Brooch While Meeting Meghan Markle

Princess Michael Apologizes After Wearing Racist Brooch While Meeting Meghan Markle

Princess Michael of Kent sparked controversy after wearing a brooch featuring black woman dazzling in gold at a Royal Christmas luncheon where Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Markle too was invited. 

The Buckingham  palace had hosted a Christmas luncheon for their near and distant royal relatives. Queen Elizabeth II, who over ruled the traditional custom and granted Prince Harry to invite his fiance Meghan Markle to the Christmas party, was there for the first time to meet and greet the royal’s extended family. 

The Queen’s first cousin Princess Michael of Kent, 72 have sparked a controversy for her inappropriate jewelry she wore at the Christmas event. 

Princess Michael — the wife of Prince Michael of Kent, wore a racist brooch at Queen’s Christmas luncheon which caught eyes of many royal watchers. This particular brooch is called as “Blackamoor” including images of servants or slaves, which were used in European art in the early 16th century. This brooch is particularly dark in skin and portray it as servants obeying one’s orders without any questions.

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The jewelry was insensitive for numerous reasons, one of the strong reason was Meghan Markle too was attending the luncheon for the first time and we all know Meghan is half black and half white. Princess Michael’s choice of time was really awkward and this caught the attention on social media. 

The netizens noticed Princess Michael of Kent’s racist brooch and criticized her soon for her inappropriate choice of jewellery especially when Meghan Markle too was supposed to attend the Buckingham’s Christmas luncheon.


Upon realizing her wrong choice of jewellery, a spokesperson of Princess Michael said that the brooch was a gift she had worn “many times before.”

“Princess Michael is very sorry and distressed that it has caused offense,” the statement read.

Meghan Markle is a first African American to join the British royal family. 36-year-old Meghan embraces her bi-racial culture and have openly spoken about it. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a spring 2018 wedding.


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