Paresh Rawal Expresses The Desire To Work In Pakistani Shows, Calls Indian Shows ‘Boring’!

Paresh Rawal Expresses The Desire To Work In Pakistani Shows, Calls Indian Shows ‘Boring’!

We all are aware of the hottest debate of Bollywood that took place last year following a terror attack in Kashmir. Yes, we are talking about the debate around the MNS’ (Maharashtra NavnirmanSena) order of banning Pakistani artists from working in India. Well, many B-town actors stood with the decision while many opposed it for some or other reason. Now after months, veteran actor Paresh Rawal has stirred the controversy by making a statement on the same.

During a recent interview, Paresh Rawal expressed his desire to work in Pakistani films and dramas. That’s not all; he even called Indian shows boring. The actor, who has geared up for the release of his upcoming film Guest Iin London, also went to praise the way acting, writing and language is used by shows made in the neighbouring country.

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While answering a question whether he would like to work in Pakistani dramas, Paresh Rawal said, “Yes, I would love to work in Pakistani films and shows. I love all Pakistani TV serials like Humsafar, the way they act, the story, the writing, the language…it’s all good.”

 “I feel our shows are boring,” he added.

Rawal also continued saying that how art and sports bridge gaps between India and Pakistan. He said, “I believe that artistes and cricketers don’t come and throw bombs. They are not terrorists, rather they bridge the gap between the two countries.”

Well, what do you have to say about Paresh Rawal’s comment? Is it right protesting and calling him anti-national for just putting his thoughts forward. Naa!! We do not think so. What is your thought?

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