Mirror Nail Polish on Instagram and Pinterest is the New Trend !

Mirror Nail Polish on Instagram and Pinterest is the New Trend  !

If you’re on Instagram and following pinterest, you must be definitely knowing what a recent fad this Mirror Nail Polish is. All the fashionista’s are going crazy after this Mirror Nail Polish on Instagram and Pinterest. Looks like butt contouring and rainbow hair weren’t enough to blow your mind! Instagram has become a delightfully amusing place where beauty vloggers and fashion enthusiasts share their beauty tips and splurges. Pinterest is the place where you really need to pin some designs.

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So let’s discuss some bits about this latest fashion fad- The Mirror Nail Polish. And believe me, this isn’t one of those trends which are going to die out anytime soon. We totally loved the spray-on nail polish idea, isn’t it? Who likes to mess their manicure up? After all, painting your nail with the non-dominant hand is a hard row to hoe.

Mirror Nail Polish on Instagram and Pinterest
Currently, Mirror Nail Polish are storming the feeds on Instagram. Remember, Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala? That’s how she propagated this weird but fascinating trend. Don’t forget to check out her pictures. They are worth drooling over!

Mirror Nail Polish on Instagram and Pinterest
Just when we thought, “Oh, It’s So Cool!”, the $2000 tag gave a hard blow to our face. But that’s her exclusive version which consisted of real crystals. Though we can’t exactly copy her ‘Real Crystals’ Mirror Nail Polish, we can reach up to a certain mark. Can’t we?

Here we bring the coolest mirror nail designs we girls should try this season-




Mirror nails trending now! #mirrornails

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You’ve got to watch the nail polish video and it’s so soul satisfying to watch this nail paint dry out. The opacity is worth splurging for! And here’s a surprise bomb for you. It’s just for $10! Which makes approximately 671 INR. Isn’t it worth the money? Before you jump to conclusions, let me clear this thing, the mirror polished look lasts only for a couple of days. But be assured that it would last long enough to take an Instagram. The formula for the nail paint has still not been revealed yet. You can grab your Mirror Nail Paint at bornprettystore.com.


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