Love Swimming? Follow These Skincare Tips Before and After Swimming

Love Swimming? Follow These Skincare Tips Before and After Swimming

Swimming is the best kind of workout for girls and also a good way to relax and de-stress. You can get a toned body by doing this single exercise only. If you enjoy swimming all year round and love to spend your time in pool, girls must be envying your well-sculpted body.

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Skincare Tips Before and After Swimming

But you should pay extra attention to your skin. You’re drenched in chlorinated water while soaking up the sun (in case, you swim outdoors). This can be very detrimental for your skin. Even in case of indoor swimming pools, the chlorinated water alone is enough to damage your skin catastrophically. Today we are going to tell you some skincare tips for swimmers that you need to follow for the sake of your beautiful skin.

1. Take a quick shower before getting into the pool

It hydrates the upper layer of your skin and prevents it from getting dry when you soak yourself in the chlorinated water. You can also smear some coconut oil to prevent the chlorinated water getting into your skin pores.


2.Buy Chlorine-Neutralising Lotion for your skin

Skincare Tips Before and After Swimming

In case you’re having sensitive skin, you can rely on Chlorine-Neutralising Lotion to protect your skin. Apply this body lotion after taking your pre-dip shower. This lotion will prevent any skin condition from flaring up.

3. Apply Vaseline on the areas where chafing occurs

Some swimmers complain about chafing where their skin rubs against each other while swimming. Apply petroleum jelly before getting into the pool to the areas where chafing may occur or have already caused.


4. Don’t delay the rinse after getting out of the pool

Don’t laze off. Skipping or delaying your shower after swimming can prove to be very costly for your skin. Rinse yourself in fresh water as much as you can to wash away the chlorinated water.


5. Use a Body Wash to rinse your body after swimming

Use an aqueous based body wash to wash your body after swimming. Always keep a bottle of a mild body wash if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. use a lanolin-based lotion after taking the shower.


6. Apply Talcum Powder on your body after drying yourself

Skincare Tips Before and After Swimming

Smear some talcum powder on the areas like your underarms, inner thighs, on the back of your knees and on your back to avoid any irritation. You can sprinkle some talcum powder in between your toes to prevent any infection.
So the next time you head out for swimming, make sure to keep these products in your kit.

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