#Lampshading – 7 Divas Who Are Rocking The Trend

#Lampshading – 7 Divas Who Are Rocking The Trend



Bombshells across the world are no strangers to rocking new trends every now and then. Some of them fuse with the merest of crackles, but there are certain en vogue drifts in the world of fashion, that take the style world by storm. One such trend that is crazing around, is lampshading, i.e. the grooviest way to style oversized top wear. Let us take a look at some alluring Bollywood and Hollywood divas, who pulled this one off with perfection, and gave us some serious fashion goals to follow.



Sonam Kapoor


Bollwyood Fashion Trend


You talk of a fashion trend and you forget her? That’s quite unlikely. The lady came wearing an overlarge checked shirt, paired coolly with a pair of skinny leggings, at a recent launch event for Neerja. We just can’t keep our eyes off her!



Deepika Padukone



Bollwyood Fashion Trend



The raging queen of performances this year, Dippy darling is too chic on the fashion front too. We recently caught her flaunting the trend in an absolutely effortless way, and just could not keep crushing over her.



While we in Bollywood are a tad shy of this night lamp style trend, the Hollywood divas are totally owning it with a panache. Take a look.


Kate Moss



Lampshading Divas in Trend


Who thought an oversized turtleneck sweater, paired with long boots, could look so seductive and classy, at the same time. The lady nailed it!


Kendall Jenner


Lampshading Divas in Trend




When the older Jenner sister came out wearing an overlarge Givenchy tee, with boots and choker to match, we just went wow!


Kourtney Kardashian


Lampshading Divas in Trend


Cousin sister was not far behind as she was spotted wearing baggies innumerable times, with boots that made us totally envious.



Kylie Jenner



Lampshading Divas in Trend


Not the first time Jenner sisters bowled us over with the simplest of looks. The younger Jenner is owning the street style totally!








Lampshading Divas in Trend


When Rihanna does it, we sure love it. The singing sensation looked totally hot when she was spotted wearing an oversized poncho, with no pants.


Comfy and casual, this is one trend we sure wish stays. After all, who wouldn’t want to look à la mode, at the same time without having to compromise on the utter chic snugness.





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