Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Sued For $6.1 Million Over 2016 Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Sued For $6.1 Million Over 2016 Paris Robbery

On October 2, 2016, Kim Kardashian was robbed of jewels worth 8 million euros at gun point.

Reality television star Kim Kardashian always seems to be in news, however, this time around her ex-bodyguard is under the spotlight! Two years after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, celebrity insurer company has sued her ex-bodyguard for USD 6.1 million!

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in Delaware, USA, by company named AIG. In the lawsuit the company accused Kim’s ex-bodyguard Pascal Duvier and the company for breach of contract hence causing the robbery.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Incident: Hoax or Truth?

As per a report in TMZ, on that unfortunate night, Pascal Duvier left Kim Kardashian unattended and alone in the  apartment during Paris Fashion Week in October 2016. And followed Kim’s sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner to a nightclub, instead.

As a result, Kim was left without security when five masked gunmen barged into the apartment— tied her up with plastic cables and tape, tied her up, put her in a bathtub and then robbed her with jewellery worth USD 10.6 million!  This also included the ring gifted to Kim by her rapper husband Kanye West, which she loved flaunting on several occasions. The ring alone costed over USD 3.5 million.

While many may say that it was sheer unfortune that Pascal Duvier happened to follow Kourtney and Kendall that night but the lawsuit alleges several other security breaches let the robbery happen in the first place.

Upon further investigation it was found that the main front gate of the luxury apartment’s courtyard had a missing or a broken lock, and that the intercom system was not functional.

Naturally, these things should have been addressed when Kim was left alone in the apartment.

As per reports, the insurance company AIG has paid Kim Kardashian the total cost of the stolen jewellery.


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