Kiku Sharda: ‘Bumper’ Clear The Air On Joining Sunil Grover To Start New Show, Quitting Kapil

Kiku Sharda: ‘Bumper’ Clear The Air On Joining Sunil Grover To Start New Show, Quitting Kapil

Yesterday there were news that Sunil Grover is performing LIVE in capital city Delhi on April 1 with Kiku Sharda. Bumper joined hands with Dr Mashoor Gulati for the new show. The Kapil-Sunil fight took a new twist claiming that Kiku Sharda too have quit Kapil and joined hands with Sunil Grover over starting a new show.(Read here – After Quitting Kapil Sharma Show, Sunil Grover Announces His Next Show With ‘Bumper’ Kiku Sharda)

The media houses and leading daily went on reporting that Kiku Sharda have joined Sunil Grover’s team, calling it’s quit with Kapil Sharma Show. The tiff between Kapil and Sunil are raising enough of fake stories. Kiku Sharda aka ‘Bumper’ quitting Kapil Sharma Show is one such fake news which is twirling the situation. 

After Sunil, Chandan and Ali Asgar quit Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil is left with only Kiku and Rosella. Now Kiku is been criticized for playing safe and taking advantage of the fight. He is accused of balancing between the two ace comedians by joining hands with Sunil Grover for the new show and sticking with Kapil for The Sharma Show

Irked Bumper gave statement to Pinkvilla and clear the air on joining Sunil Grover and not quitting Kapil – 


“Firstly what does balancing both the shows mean?! Like what are these ‘both the shows’?! The one that I am going to do with Sunil is a one off thing just for a day unlike a series of episodes. It was planned three months in advance. It absolutely has got nothing to do nothing with the controversy stating both Sunil and Kapil. Three months ago we agreed to do a show in Delhi with these two characters. So there is nothing as such, there is no connection with my one off with Sunil and the controversy. It’s sad to know people are thinking this way. To make it clear, the one with Sunil is a one off thing and I am doing only one show, The Kapil Sharma Show.”

By this it means Kiku Sharda is very much with Kapil Sharma and he is doing just one show with Sunil Grover which was planned before the Kapil-Sunil controversy.


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