Kanye West Hugs Trump At Lunch Meet and Says MAGA Cap Made Him Feel ‘Superman’

Kanye West Hugs Trump At Lunch Meet and Says MAGA Cap Made Him Feel ‘Superman’

Donald Trump says Rapper Kanye West could be the next American President!

Probably no American citizen loves President Donald Trump as much as rapper Kanye West! In the past, Kanye has left no stone unturned in expressing his unwavering support and love for Donald. Recently we got to see another prime example of their ‘epic’ bromance.

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During a meeting in the White House’s Oval Office, suddenly amidst the press striding up from his chair to the President, Kanye gathered Donald Trump in his arms and gave him a passionate hug while exclaiming, “I love this guy right here”.

Rapper Kanye West was invited for lunch at the White House to discuss prison reforms. However, Kanye’s monologue surprised people more than the impromptu hug cementing their bromance.

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The rapper spoke loudly and rapidly about everything from the president’s protectionist trade polices to replacing Air Force One with a hydrogen plane to black gun crime to being married to the infamous Kim Kardashian and the ‘infinite amounts of universe’.

This is not all, Kanye was even sporting his red ‘Make America Great Again’ cap as a way to show his support for Donald Trump. Talking about the infamous cap Kanye said, “There’s something about when I put on this hat, I feel like Superman.”

Certainly, this statement would have made the current President overjoyed as a prominent man of colour was supporting his policies as several other people of colour are being shot and prosecuted on the streets for just walking back home!

The ever-talkative Donald Trump was left searching for his voice as he saw a contender for American Presidency!

Regaining his voice in midst of astonished laughter, Donald exclaimed, “That was quite something,”. Clearly, happy with the praise, Kanye slammed his fist multiple times on the legendary Resolute desk which has been used by American Presidents since 1880s and stated that whatever he’d said came from his soul.

To this, a still shocked Trump exclaimed that Kanye West ‘could very well be’ a future presidential candidate!

Overjoyed Kanye replied with ‘modesty’ that he doesn’t want to get in the way of the 2020 Republican re-elections but he would try for the 2024 elections.

Does this mean that Kanye West will be making American great again?

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