Kanye West Distances Himself From Politics: “I Am Used For Something I Don’t Believe In”

Kanye West Distances Himself From Politics: “I Am Used For Something I Don’t Believe In”

Kanye West denies of designing ‘Blexit’ shirts, vows to distance from politics after being used.

American rapper Kanye West, 41, had recently made national headlines for his support to President Trump and calling himself superhero after wearing a MAGA cap. Earlier this week West woke up to the the sour grapes of his name being misused as a face behind designing the “Blexit” T-shirts. The campaign blexit means “Black Exit” was to encourage black people to move away from the Democratic party. 

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It was Candice Owens, conservative commentator, who announced that West is a brain child behind designing the logo of tees. She announced in her campaign saying, “Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colours, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West.”

West claims he is been politically used and nowhere connected with this campaign and denies his involvement with “Blexit” T-shirts. West also gave explanation about his innocence through series of tweets. 

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According to West, he introduced Candice Owens to the designer of the T-shirt and they came up with the logo. I “never wanted any association with Blexit”. “I have nothing to do with it,” West wrote.

West realized that his name is been used without his consent and through following tweets he made it clear what he supports, what are his political beliefs and what he stands for. He said his eyes are wide open now after is name is used for something he do not believe in.

West will definitely receive some huge backlash after being a strong supporter of President Trump to now taking a complete U turn from politics and playing card of being an innocent. Time will say if West has really turned his back from supporting Trump or it’s just another habit of him like going on and off from social media.

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Twitterati have all the right reasons to react over Kanye West”s political distance tweet:

A week ago, Kim Kardashian’s stepmom Caitlyn Jenner – a transgender rights advocate and author, expressed her regret for backing President Donald Trump. She lashed at Trump for attacking LGBT people, particularly using transgender people as political pawns.  Looks like the reality TV show KUWTK is all going political.

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