Justin Bieber’s These ABSURD Demands For His Purpose Tour To India Are Unbelievable!

Justin Bieber’s These ABSURD Demands For His Purpose Tour To India Are Unbelievable!

Justin Bieber fans gear up as your favorite pop star is arriving in India in a week. Global pop sensation Justin Bieber will perform his maiden show in the country on May 10 and we already know all the Indian Beliebers are on cloud 9. Ever since it was announced that the Canadian pop star is coming to India, his fans in the country have not breathed. While fans are struggling for their tickets, we bring everything you need to know about Bieber’s stay in India. That’s not all; the singer also has weird demands for his tour that only India can fulfill it.

As per reports, Justin will land here a few days before his show and will be welcomed by Arjun Jain, the promoter of Purpose World Tour, India. On day 1 of his arrival, Justin Bieber will enjoy the taste of Maharaja Cuisines, to be served by royal butlers who have been flown in especially from Rajasthan. The pop star will surely enjoy the taste of the real Indian culture here and his love for Indian food is no secret.

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To add a traditional touch to overall Indian culture presentation, flutists, and sarangi players will be there to lift up the fine dining to an extraterrestrial experience.

The second day of his visit will be to Gateway Of India, Kala Ghoda, and Mani Bhavan. Oh yes, not to be forgotten that Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez will be Justin’s tour guide. Apparently, a visit to an underprivileged home is also being planned as his tour is all about “purpose”.

Finally, the big day arrives! The third day will witness the mega concert in Mumbai at the D.Y. Patil Stadium followed by a private yacht party with some live karaoke singing. After Mumbai, catch Justin in New Delhi and Jaipur on the fourth and the fifth day followed by his visit to the very famous, Taj Mahal, Agra.

Now coming to his weird demands for the tour, Justin will have a true royal stay here.

Canadian pop singer will arrive to his hotel in a Rolls Royce. And his crew in Sedan class cars.

Two five-star hotels have been reserved for security reasons. Top culinary experts will supervise the food being served to Bieber, and the dishes will be renamed after his popular songs. Rooms with the best view in the quietest part of the hotel with king-size beds are a prerequisite. So is a 24- hour fitness centre with a steam room. The hotel will re-design his suite and incorporate Mughal paintings, antique furniture and signature Kashmiri linen. His room will be adorned with purple carnations, purple being his favourite colour. The hotel will convert itself into Bieber’s private villa, with three floors booked for the artist and his entourage. Also, one elevator has been blocked for Bieber alone.

Believe it or not, he is getting 10 containers with him which will consist of ping pong table, play station, IO HAWK (Hoverboard), sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, upholstery, wardrobe, massage table and will be used backstage during the concert. Z+ level security and Maharashtra Police personnel apart from the artists’ global security will be with him 24*7.

Here comes another demand. Justin have requested for ‘Jacuzzi’, which he wants to be placed behind the stage for his use on May 10. He wants his dressing room be entirely draped with white curtains and each room will have 2 packages of plain white crew-neck tee-shirts, in sizes XS and L, 2 packages of white tank tops, and 3 packages of white lo-rise socks. He will arrive to the concert at DY Patil stadium on May 10 in a private charter plane.

That’s not all, he also demands 24 still water bottles, 24 alkaline water bottles, 4 energy drinks, 6 vitamin water bottles, 6 cream sodas as well as a cooler packed with assorted juices fizzy drinks. Adding to his demand list – Large Glass-Door Refrigerator, Half A Gallon Of Almond Milk, An Expert Masseuse From Kerala, 100 hangers, Raw Organic Honey

He also has a list of delicious treats that he enjoys, like a large pack of Swedish Fish, boxes of Ritz Bitz peanut butter and cheese sandwiches and multiple packs of Haribo Cola Gummies.

Not just Justin, his crew members too have got a demand list. They want Spray Tan Salon, Sushi restaurant, Steakhouse, Italian restaurant, Movie Theatre, Skate park, Casinos, Nightclubs, Basketball Courts and Recording Studio for their entartainment and stay at purpose tour to India.

Looking at the demand list, I can only say is WTF!!


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