Jagga Jasoos Director Anurag Basu Reacts To Rishi Kapoor’s ‘Irresponsible Director’ Comment

Jagga Jasoos Director Anurag Basu Reacts To Rishi Kapoor’s ‘Irresponsible Director’ Comment

A couple of days ago, Ranbir Kapoor’s father Rishi Kapoor lashed out at Jagga Jasoos director Anurag Basu for delaying the release of the film. Rishi Kapoor, who is known for his outspoken attitude, slammed Basu for being an irresponsible director and also questioned him for making Govinda work for his film and then chopping off his role in the final cut. Later, Govinda reacted to the same and thanked Rishi Kapoor for showing some concern.

However, son Ranbir Kapoor is upset with Rishi Kapoor for speaking his mind out and creating another controversy. It is being said that Ranbir didn’t want his father’s comments to focus on the film’s failure. Also, this might cause a damage to his friendship with Anurag Basu.

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Now, finally, the much-awaited response is here. Yes, director Anurag Basu has reacted to Rishi Kapoor’s rant. Speaking about the controversy, Anurag Basu said, “I want to avoid making any comments against a senior who also happens to be my friend’s dad.”

Another source from the cast claims that, “Rishi Kapoor had been ranting against Anurag  Basu since a long time. The source further added that Rishi Kapoor would not be singing the same tune if the film was a success.”

REspecting individual’s opinion, Jagga Jasoos’ co-producer Bimal Parekh said, “What Mr  Kapoor has to say about Anurag Basu is his opinion. He is entitled to it. We’ve received extremely polarised views on Jagga  Jasoos. Many have loved it, but just as many have hated it. I don’t know how much losses the film will run into, but I am proud to be associated with it.”

All said and done! Anurag Basu has finally opened up on the controversy; we hope this is the end. 


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