I Am a Product of Nepotism. I Am Here Today Because Of My Parents: Ranbir Kapoor

I Am a Product of Nepotism. I Am Here Today Because Of My Parents: Ranbir Kapoor

I Am a Product of Nepotism Ranbir Kapoor. When more will accept this and not deny the fact, we will accept them as they are. We appreciate Ranbir Kapoor for his bold statement.

After a long long debate on ‘Nepotism’, which started on Karan Johar’s show Koffe With Karan season, it became then a hot talk topic. Agree or don’t agree, Bollywood and Nepotism are always connected. The heat of nepotism is felt when an outsider try their luck and struggle to establish in B-town. The one who try to make their place in Bollywood without any God father has to take a longer route than, the one who is already a Bollywood family born or connected. 

Kangana Ranaut lashed at Karan Johar on how he serves a ready platter for the ones’ who belongs to Bollywood. She did not even hesitate on calling him as flag-bearer of nepotism and intolerant for the outsiders and a Bollywood mafia of the industry. We all know then Karan Johar hit back at Kangana asking her to leave the Bollywood industry.

The debate between Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar on nepotism consequently dragged other actors too. Sonam Kapoor to Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan to Priyanka Chopra – all shared their views and some even dared to take a stand with Kangana.

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Here comes another third generation Bollywood stud to openly accept the fact of nepotism’s existence in Bollywood. Chintu aka Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor is more like his father to talk his mind. Like father Rishi, Ranbir Kapoor too does not mince with words. 

Ranbir Kapoor says that nepotism in Bollywood do exists and that is how he is in Bollywood today. He said, “It exists in the film industry, and I am a product of nepotism. I am here today because of my parents. My father got an opportunity because of his father. So, I believe if my children choose to be actors, I would like to give them a platform.”

Not disowning the fact on how nepotism is been existing since generations, Ranbir shared his views for the coming generation,“If they want to be doctors I will provide them with the education and the backing. Films have been our family business for the past 85 years. Yes, it is unfair to a lot of people who are way more talented than us, but we do get opportunities, and we do get the attention.”

Talking about movie failure Bombay Velvet and Besharam, Ranbir shared his bitter experience. He said, “You are as good as your last movie, but I got so much support from my audience. Yes, I accepted the failure, and it was hard time, but it was significant as well. When you start out, at the beginning of your career, you get so much of love and adulation, but when you hit such a low point, it teaches you a lot”

“I have been tagged as a next superstar for a long time, but I have not reached there yet. I think it’s important to accept your failure and not be in a denial.”

We respect Ranbir Kapoor’s open talk about nepotism and his acceptance of the fact that how Bollywood background stars have that extra chance, irrespective of their movie failure. 


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