How About Adding Some Serenity To Your Wardrobe!!

How About Adding Some Serenity To Your Wardrobe!!

As a follow up to my previous article about Rose Quartz ,today’s article is how to wear Pantone’s co-color of the year 2016; Serenity. Unlike rose quartz, it may be difficult to incorporate this color. But that is why we are doing this article for you, getting the closest to this hue.

The color means to be clam, so below we have not added a lot of items to one outfit. We have kept it simple yet chic.

Check out our picks!

Outfit 1

90’s Chic




The ragging 90’s trend is back in fashion with a bang and will stay in vogue. This is an uberly chic outfit is right for those long day-out where you just want to hang out. You could accessorize this look with a pair of lennon sunnies.

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Outfit 2

Chilly mornings


Winter is finally here! What better than a baggy sweatshirt, leggings and skater shoes to begin the day with on a lazy morning? This is all about the casual comfy look where you don’t really want to put in much effort.

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Outfit 3

Cool for the summer



Go for the elegant chic look with minimalist design and color. Complete this outfit with a pair of silver sandal. This definitely cool for the summer time where you don’t want to many layers of clothes on you!

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Outfit 4

Let the party begin



Yes we remember! We haven’t forgotten the dress, which you would want to wear at parties and club nights. We said no jazz and we remember our promise. This simple lace bodycon completed with a pair of black shiny stilettos and earrings.

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