This Hilarious Mash-Up of ‘Dangal’ with This Powerpuff Girls Twist Will Blow Your Mind

This Hilarious Mash-Up of ‘Dangal’ with This Powerpuff Girls Twist Will Blow Your Mind

The trailer of Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ has created raves amongst the audience who are simply loving the hard work that the actors have put in to bring to light the life of Phogat sisters and their father. From the girls who have worked so hard to get that perfect wrestling physique, to Aamir himself, who has gone through immense physical transformation, and even Sakhi Tanwar as the mother, each and every frame that passes through our eyes in the trailer, is goosebump inducing. We simply cannot wait to watch it on the big screens, when it releases.

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However, do you know that the movie has a Powerpuff Girls connection too? Yes, the same who were concocted by Professor Utonium, the fearless trio of Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, who punch, fight, and throw away the evil that threatens to harm their beloved city. Sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it, especially when you relate it with the trailer and concept of ‘Dangal’.

So one ingenious soul noticed this, and took it another level, by mashing the trailer of ‘Dangal’ with scenes from Powerpuff Girls, and boy, it fits just right. You actually feel as if the trailer was made for the three little superheroes that lighted up our childhood as they saved the city from monsters like Mojo, Jojo and Sedusa.

Enough talks. Without further ado, take a look at this super fun mashup that is driving fans and social media crazy.

Even Fatima Sana Sheikh admits that this mashup is nothing short of awesome.

The Powerpuff Girls plus ‘Dangal’. Awesomeness guaranteed!


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