Get Rid of Dry Flaky Scalp with Natural Home Remedies

Get Rid of Dry Flaky Scalp with Natural Home Remedies

Dry flaky scalp causes a lot of irritation as well as embarrassment when you are in public. It makes the head feel itchy as well as having to scratch it in front of people might draw a lot of attention and questioning stares. Dry flaky scalp can ruin the most special moments of your life. Hence these ought to be treated and what better way of treating them would be than natural home remedies.

Egg and Yogurt Conditioner

Get Rid of Dry Flaky Scalp

As much as it may sound disgusting to some people, a mixture of egg and yogurt can do wonders for your hair. Firstly, it helps in treating your dry flaky scalp which in turn saves you from an itchy head. It also provides shine and nourishment to the hair.

Break one egg in a bowl and add 2 tbsp of plain yogurt to it. Mix it well until a thick paste is formed and apply it on your scalp. Make sure that the mixture covers your scalp completely and the left over paste can be applied to the rest of your hair. Leave it for 1 hour and wash it off with a shampoo. Do it once in 2 weeks so they don’t return back.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Get Rid of Dry Flaky Scalp

Apple cider vinegar is another natural home remedy for treating dry flaky scalp. The good part is that it doesn’t require much effort so anyone can do it while having a busy schedule. It only requires 15 minutes.

Pour the apple cider vinegar in a bowl, enough to rub it on your scalp. Take a small ball of cotton and dip it into the apple cider vinegar. Rub this piece of cotton on your scalp and make sure that you rub it all over your scalp. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Your hair will smell of vinegar while it is getting dried but after that the smell will go leaving your scalp free from dry flakes. You can do this once in every 2 weeks.


Mustard Oil

Get Rid of Dry Flaky Scalp


Mustard oil treatment is a simple yet an effective way to get rid of dry flaky scalp. It is ideally recommended to apply oil in your hair once a week but due to the ever changing busy lifestyles women tend to skip applying oil and straightaway get to washing it with shampoo.

Massage your scalp with mustard oil for a good 10 minutes. Once done, cover it with a plastic sheet and wrap a warm towel around your head. Wash it with shampoo after 45 minutes. Do it once every week so your scalp remains moisturized.

So all in all, having dry flaky scalp can cause a lot of annoyance but with the help of these simple natural home remedies you can treat them in no time thus having a smoother scalp and saving yourself from embarrassment.


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