Forget Cat Eye! Confetti Eyeliner Is the New Trend in Town!

Forget Cat Eye! Confetti Eyeliner Is the New Trend in Town!

Let go of the monochrome, lets welcome the colorful confetti eyeliner in our life!

Can’t make that perfect wing? Forget about that, girl! No need to ruin your makeup game for the flawless eyeliner flick. Life is so hard when you’re poor at eye makeup. Isn’t it? And the eyeliner is the powerhouse yet the toughest part of the whole eye makeup thing. How swiftly you can transform your dull look into a jazzy one. Everyone praise the beauty-grammer Katie Jane Hughes for devising this imperfectly perfect confetti eyeliner style for the messy girls.

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Confetti Eyeliner Is the New Trend


Eyeliner is been through loads of evolution(in the make-up world) from cat-eye to smokey eyes, pencil eyeliner to gel eyeliner, from black to grey. We have to admit the eyeliner is the only beauty product that will never leave the market shelves anytime soon. Thanks to the rainbow-like eyeliner trend introduced by Katie Jane Hughes to add some colors to our lives and variation in the eyeliner. Confetti Eyeliner is the new trend in town of makeup!
You don’t have to draw perfect smooth lines for this look. All you have to do is poke some colorful dots on your eyelids in a definite manner. And tada! You’re done. The complete look resembles somewhat like scattered confetti on your eyelids.

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Confetti Eyeliner Is the New Trend

Tips to Get the Perfect Confetti Eyeliner Look

1. Mark a dot on the outermost portion of your eyelids where you want your wing to end. Work your way along your lash line to the innermost corner of your eyes.
2. Make doting motions with the tip of your eyeliner applicator and there is no need to draw a perfect line. After making a dotted line with a single colour, pick up the other colour of your choice to fill in the look.
3. You can use more than 2 colours to add some oomph factor to your look. This will impart a technicolour look to your eyelids. You can also use matte or metallic eyeliner for an edgy look.
4. Once you’ll try this weirdly amazing beauty fad, you will realize that this trend is much easier than the cat-eye eyeliner trend.
5. Compliment the look with a high-definition waterproof mascara. You can also smear some glitter eyeshadow if you’re getting ready for a night-time event.
6. Though you can’t wear this eyeliner for your everyday look, this might work well with a casual outing or the night outs. Try it out in a monochrome way or go all the way in technicolour, the choice is entirely yours!

So if you’re a girl who’s enough bold and is always up with the new trends in the make-up world, then take this dare. Show your artistic ways off, the one who likes to sail upstream, this eyeliner trend have been waiting all the time for you.
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