Diljit Dosanjh’s Response to the Whole Harshvardhan Kapoor-Filmfare Row is Pure Gold

Diljit Dosanjh’s Response to the Whole Harshvardhan Kapoor-Filmfare Row is Pure Gold

We all are well aware of the whole Twitter war that took place between Harshvardhan Kapoor, Anil Kapoor’s son, and Filmfare over the award for Best Debut for which he was nominated. The award ultimately went to Diljit Dosanjh for ‘Udta Punjab’, and Harshvardhan, who is known to mince no words, immediately took to Twitter to express his displeasure on the same.

Harshvardhan said that had he lost the award to a genuine newcomer on camera, he would have been more than happy, but since Diljit was already a seasoned actor in another industry so it was a tad unfair to judge him with newcomers over who he already had an edge.

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This obviously did not go down with the authorities who were already facing flak due to the biased nominations and the subsequent post cum rant by Amaal Malik. One of the officials too took a Twitter and called Harshvardhan a brat who thought he was entitled to the award, obviously, without taking his name.

What ensued was a really bitter war of words wherein Harshvardhan said that he too was entitled to an opinion, just like Filmfare as a magazine, and in no way was he demeaning Diljit’s talent. He just thought it was not fair to judge an experienced actor over a new one.

Anyway, everyone had been waiting for long as to what would be Diljit’s reply on the same. The actor and singer has responded and trust us, it is pure gold.

In an interview with an agency, Diljit opened up on the same. “I am not hurt. I am not sad. I am thankful to Filmfare Awards for the honour that they gave me. I don’t think I was deserving enough. It’s a big award (and) I think they would have seen something in me and so they gave me the award,” he said

He further stated, “For me the love of my fans matter the most and that’s the biggest award for me. I love Harshvardhan Kapoor. I also like his father Anil Kapoor, he is a superstar.”

However, he did add a point to counter what Harshvardhan said. “I think actors like Fawad Khan and Dhanush have acted in other languages (referring to Pakistani movies and films in South India)”, Diljit said.

Well, let’s wait and see if there is a reply from Harshvardhan on the same.

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