Dear Bollywood, Stop Producing Films That Glorify Stalking As ‘Cool’ and ‘Romantic’!

Dear Bollywood, Stop Producing Films That Glorify Stalking As ‘Cool’ and ‘Romantic’!

Bollywood has glorified stalking since ages. From Shammi Kapoor to Shah Rukh Khan and even Varun Dhawan, most popular actors have portrayed themselves as stalkers on screen, who eventually get the ladies to fall for them because they never gave up stalking! Does that ring a bell? It should. Stalking is not entertainment and stalking does not get anyone to fall in love with you. This simple yet very important statement is not recognized by our beloved Bollywood and we could not be more furious about it.

Stalking has been decorated in Indian films. It has been a source of entertainment for many and surprisingly, a lot of people like those films which bring stalking under a positive light. The problem with the audience, for liking such films, is the ingrained idea in the Indian brain. We are made to believe that girls are shy and their ‘no’ is just a subtle way in which they hint at ‘yes’. Whether it is saying no to sex or stalking, the idea remains the same, “Ladki ki na mein uski haan chhupi hai.” This idea when put up on the celluloid lures hoards of people who watch such offensive cinema. This is why money making producers fund scripts which glorify stalking.

A 32-year-old Indian security guard in Australia was released from jail after his attorney put forth the notion that his stalking behaviour was a result of watching and getting inspired from Bollywood movies. It is believed by man that stalking is a normal behaviour and if a man pursues a woman hard enough, she will eventually fall in love with him. How shameful it is that Bollywood portrays stalking in such a normalizing way that is easily convincing general public like ‘Us’ to draw inspiration from it!  There are so many incidents involving such ‘inspiration’ from Bollywood. Snapdeal employee, Dipti Sarna, got kidnapped by a stalker who later admitted that he wanted to imitate Shah Rukh Khan from the movie Darr and become a hero for her. And these incidents still continue to take place.

The films who have made stalking ‘normal’ include “Saawariya” where Ranbir Kapoor stalks Sonam Kapoor while frequently visiting brothels; “Darr”, of course, where Shah Rukh Khan stalks Juhi Chawla, even to the bathroom; “Raanjhana” where Sonam Kapoor gets stalked again, this time by Dhanush (Why Sonam? Why?); “Tere Naam” where Salman Khan traumatises Bhumika Chawla by his stalking to the level that he almost gets insane. A number of songs have also contributed to such a stalking trend. These include Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila (Josh), Excuse Me (Style), Tu Hai Meri Kiran (Darr), Sharmana Chhod Daal (Haseena Maan Jayegi) and Boyfriend Bana Le (Mubarkaan).

This list does not include even 10% of the total number of movies which have glorified stalking in one way or the other. Incidents like the ones mentioned above should not be repeated anymore. And to ensure this, positive portrayal of stalking should be stopped in bollywood movies immediately. The censor board might as well ban films which objectify women rather than banning those which portray them as more liberal and free. Stalking is not cool dear Bollywood, not anymore.

What are you thoughts about Bollywood portraying staking? Is it ‘cool’ and ‘romantic’ OR it’s a ‘sick’ thing that Bollywood should immediately stop normalizing stalking? Tell us in the comments box.


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