Cricketer Vinod Kambli’s Wife Andrea Hit Singer Ankit Tiwari’s Father; Police Complaint Filed

Cricketer Vinod Kambli’s Wife Andrea Hit Singer Ankit Tiwari’s Father; Police Complaint Filed

Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari’s father has filed a police complaint against former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt.

Former Indian cricketer and batsman Vinod Kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt has been accused of assaulting a man at Inorbit Mall in Mumbai’s Malad area.. The assaulted man just happens to be singer Ankit Tiwari’s father Rajendra Kumar Tiwari. In retaliation, the singer has filed a complaint against Vinod Kambli and Andrea Hewitt.

As per Rajendra Kumar Tiwari, 59, Andrea assaulted him in the mall where he and his family were spending their Sunday. The CCTV footage of this popular mall shows a white shirt clad man walking past Andrea Hewitt without touching her intentionally or just brushing past her. In a CCTV footage going viral, one can see Andrea hitting the man on head with a bag while confronting him. 

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While speaking to a leading daily, Vinod Kambli narrated the incident as, “We were at the Game Zone in the mall around 3 pm when my wife caught hold of an old man’s hand. He had deliberately brushed his hand against her and when she caught him in the act, he pushed her away,” he said. “Minutes later when we were at the food court, two men, who we assume were the man’s sons, tried to attack my wife. When I told them to back off, they told me, ‘You don’t know who we are’.”

As a result, Vinod Kambli and Andrea Hewitt have filed a FIR against the singer and his father.

However, the Tiwaris have a completely different version of the events that occurred.

In an interview Ankit stated, “My father, a retired bank employee, had accompanied my daughter to the Game Zone. My father told me he spotted Vinod Kambli there, and as he was walking past a woman, he blacked out. My father was disoriented after the attack. He couldn’t believe he had been punched, and that a woman was screaming, accusing him of brushing his hand against her.”

RK Tiwari has even claimed that Andrea took off her sandal to beat him.

After the scuffle, without arguing his father came to him and narrated the incident. Upon approaching the couple, Ankit, his brother Ankur and his father realised that the woman was Kambli’s wife. When they tried to resolve the matter peacefully, the trio was manhandled by the former cricketer’s bodyguards. As a result, the three received minor injuries and approached the Bangur Nagar police station to file FIR against the couple.

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As claimed by Ankur Tiwari, Ankit’s brother who was at the mall with his family, Kambli threatened the onlookers who tried to record the incident.

Now, Ankur Tiwari has given an official statement which reads as, “It’s quite shocking to see this kind of behaviour from a cricketer whose represented our nation , my father being aged has been assaulted by Vinod Kambli’s wife and when we went to intervene Kambli pushed us around . Not on any cost are we going to sit tight or take this lightly , this behaviour can not be tolerate , it’s happen to us and we hope doesn’t happen to anyone else . We have filed a complaint and we have full faith in the judiciary to take action against this (sic).”

So far, no arrests have been made as the investigation of the matter is still on going. Bangur Nagar police are now investigating the matter and will take further action after their preliminary investigations.

Why don’t you look at the CCTV footage and judge for yourself what happened?

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Vinod Kambli tweeted the incident calling Mumbai police for the help and safety of women.

Speaking to India Today, Vinod Kambli said, “I immediately contacted Mumbai Police on Twitter. They called me immediately and sent me a text asking me to send my contact details. Two constables also turned and took our statements. I am going to show our statements to everyone.”

Andrea said she now expects an apology from the Tiwaris. “An apology letter will definitely close the matter.”

After watching the CCTV footage people have split their opinion accusing cricketer and his wife lacking basic manners for hitting an elderly man while a small girl was holding his hand. Some are calling out singer and his father a pervert and touching a women with malicious intentions. It remains to see what is true! 


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