Bipasha Basu Slammed For Her ‘Unprofessional Behaviour and Tantrums’ by London Based Fashion Organiser

Bipasha Basu Slammed For Her ‘Unprofessional Behaviour and Tantrums’ by London Based Fashion Organiser

Since the time Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married, their PDA is taking up a notch. The couple is always seen holidaying at the best destinations. Be it Karan Singh Grover’s birthday party in Goa or honeymoon in Barcelona, the couple is seen travelling the world. Sources claim that their work life is taking a hit because of duo are always in a holiday mood. Bipasha Basu is again in limelight but not for a good reason. No Entry actress Bipasha Basu has been accused for her unprofessional behaviour. She was in London for a fashion show as a showstopper but she did not turn up at the event.

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Alone movie actress had agreed to walk the ramp for India Pakistan London Fashion Show. The UK-based show claims that Bipasha refused to walk the ramp at the last minute, which caused a major loss to the show organiser. Despite taking advance money from the organizer and flying in business class at their expense, the actress started throwing tantrums after arriving in London.

According to Ronita Sharma Rekhi, the official talent scout of the show,“The total loss suffered by the show organisers because of Bipasha amounts to 7,800 pounds, apart from the travel expenses paid to her in cash at the airport. Bipasha used this as “honeymoon money” but we will fight this till the end. We are going to apply to the visa and immigration centre to debar her from working in the UK in future”.

Ronita also said that, “Bipasha had demanded an extra business class ticket to London for her husband and asked to extent their stay from three nights to five nights at the show organizers expense at the hotels best suite. Not only this, Bipasha had put her on a gun point situation making her pay five days hotel stay else, will not turn up for the event”.

Here is the entire post of Ronita Sharma Rekhi on slamming Bipasha Basu as ‘Unproffesional’



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