Beat The Heat With 5 Easy Tips

Beat The Heat With 5 Easy Tips

Summer is the best time of the year when we can go out and have fun at pools not worrying much about dry skin, cold weather or frizzy hair. While Summer brings the fun time, it also brings many skin problems like pimples, oily skin and the nasty heat of the sun threats to ruin the fun by sunburn and skin tanning becoming our nightmare. Don’t cancel your day outing fearing the soaring temperature. Don’t let the sun affect your energy. Here we bring you the 5 basic and cool tips to beat the heat and make most out of the sunny day.

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1.  A good sunscreen is MUST to beat the heat

The Ozone layer protects the Earth from harmful rays of the Sun. As the Ozone layer is depleting the earth is becoming more vulnerable to UVB rays. The UVB  rays are responsible for 80% of skin cancer. Not only skin cancer, it also causes other skin problems like wrinkles, early aging, skin discoloration and sunburn. Right sunscreen protects your skin from sun rays and other indirect skin disorders. Also, try to use makeup which consists at least SPF 30 and above. Not to mention, apply sunscreen in every 3 hrs of gap and 15 mins before heading out.


beat the heat

beat the heat


2.  Make friendship with pastel colors

Do you know sun reacts different ways with different color of clothes? While dark colors absorb more of sun lights, it is proved light colors reflects the heat away. So, wearing colors of pastel shade will keep your body cool while you get exposed to cruel sun. Wearing peach, pearl pink and mint color will keep you cool at the same time it will add bright hues to your wardrobe.

beat the heat


3.  Wear light weight fabric

Avoid clothes that are heavy and polyester fabric. The key to stay fit in summer is keeping your body cool. Clothes made with heavy material or that embraces your body tightly is not good in hot temperature. Pick dresses that are soft cotton. Printed maxi dresses and skirts are going to be your life saver in this summer.

beat the heat


4.  Avoid heavy make-up

In summer our faces become oily and we sweat a lot more. When we wear heavy makeup, it will melt due to the sweating and the melted makeup will result in pimples and other problems if not cleaned correctly. So, instead of wearing heavy makeup, you can try water based foundation. Let your skin breathe in the summer.

beat the heat


5.  Use lukewarm water to wash face

Lukewarm water helps to open the pores of the face. If you use a face-wash after cleaning your face with lukewarm water rather than cold water, it will clean face oil more effectively.

beat the heat





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