Abhay Deol Slams SRK, Deepika, Shahid For Endorsing Fairness Cream Ads, Sonam Kapoor Tries To Troll!

Abhay Deol Slams SRK, Deepika, Shahid For Endorsing Fairness Cream Ads, Sonam Kapoor Tries To Troll!

Bollywood actor and producer AbhayDeol recently took to Facebook and posted a series of images that showed Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, VidyaBalan, Sonam Kapoor and John Abraham featuring in fairness cream ads. The actor publicly took a dig at stars for endorsing fairness cream advertisements.

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He wrote, “There’s a lot more of these campaigns that are blatantly, and sometimes subtly, selling you the idea that whiter skin is better than darker skin. No one at the top of their game in any field is going to tell you that it is demeaning, false, and racist. You have to see that for yourself. You have to stop buying into the idea that a particular shade is better than others. Unfortunately if you look at matrimonial ads you will see how entrenched in our psyche this belief is. We even use the word ‘dusk’ to describe the colour of someones skin!

While an individual may not be able to change this attitude in his/her community, he/she can at least start with the family.” 

However, following Abhay’s Facebook posts shaming other Bollywood actors, actress Sonam Kapoor took to twitter and tried trolling the actor. But Abhay proved to be too smart. While most of the stars have chosen not to react on the same, Sonam Kapoor tweeted in her defense for featuring in a fairness cream ad.

Sonam Kapoor tweeted a picture of a fairness cream ad featuring Esha Deol and asked Abhay to share his thoughts on the same. However, she could not troll him as the actor assured her was in his conviction for the cause.

Then Sonam said, “I shot this campaign ten years ago and didn’t understand the ramifications. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront.”

To which Abhay had a very smart reaction to it and asked her to take the cause further than the forefront. But looks like Sonam Kapoor got mad at the same and deleted all her tweets immediately.

You can check out the screenshots below:


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