8 Bollywood Weddings On Reel That We Have Loved!

8 Bollywood Weddings On Reel That We Have Loved!


Indian weddings have always been heavily influenced by Bollywood, and have good reason to be. From the rural yet heart-warming rituals of village in “Nadiya Ke Paar”, to the urban “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”, the weddings portrayal in Indian cinema has come a long way. Let us take a look at some of unforgettable hitching sequences of Indian cinema, in no particular order of preference. We love these all.


Nadiya Ke Paar


The Rajhshree and Barjatyas have always been known for the family content in their movies. This movie had some very beautiful rituals and celebrations of rural parts of North India.


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Hum Aapke Hain Kaun


Again a Rajshree creation, this one was a remake of the aforesaid. With much taam jhaam, and insanely rich people, this movie was a landmark in Bollywood, and had quite a lasting impact on the way marriages were conducted.


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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


Simran was getting married to Kuljeet, but the rituals she did were for Raj. The sweet eye spy of this love struck couple, in the backdrop of this wedding, was nothing short of cute, though daring.


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Vicky Donor


This wedding was the best mashup of “loud” Punjabis and “shocked” Bengalis. And in the midst of all the chaos, Ashima and Vicky flirt around with all the lovable rituals.


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Rumour was that the rituals had been so real, that the panditji created a chaos at the time John was going to get married for real, saying he was already married to Genelia. That apart, we love the simple and beautiful sequence when the two get married.


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Hum Tum


Though the wedding wasn’t between the main protagonists, but we loved it nonetheless. The best moment? When Sameer pretends to give the mangalsutra to his mother-in-law, and when he kisses Rhea unawares. A Kodak moment!


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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


What can be better than the sequence where best friends reunite after a long time, for a destination wedding in Udaipur? Though the parties were too Richie Rich, but emotions and rituals were something we could highly relate to.


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2 States


After all the drama that these two love birds faced, the moment when North meets South and gets hitched South-Indian-Curry-Punjabi-Style, we can’t help but feel goose bumpy. The emotions are so high, and so relatable.


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So this was our list of the most loved on screen weddings of Bollywood. Which are yours?


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