7 MUST Holiday Getaways To Go with Your BFF as Bachelors!

7 MUST Holiday Getaways To Go with Your BFF as Bachelors!

Family holidays are fun and all, but travelling with someone just like you is even better. That someone who you could count on, share your deepest secrets with no judgements. Yes, we are talking about your BFF.

A trip with your BBF can give you some of the craziest memories. No matter where you go, the key is to plan and do activities together. So here is a list of some of the best destinations to travel with your bestie.


1.Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston, South Carolina

If you are looking for a good scenery, gourmet food and late night parties till wee hours, Charleston is for you. There are many activities for you to do together, swimming in the ocean to an intense detoxifying spa.


2.Toronto, Canada

Holiday Gateways
Toronto, Canada

A trip to Europe or USA can get expensive, just head to Toronto – one of the most exciting city. There are many pubs to spend the night and some amazing restaurants which have to offer some of the greatest food. Also the Niagara Falls is just a short ride away; most of the cities shopping and city attractions are inexpensive.


3. St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

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St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Sometime you just want to go for some relaxation and bonding. At this island you can lounge on the white beach sipping over cocktails – and chit chat of course. You can get a tan during the day and go to live music performances followed by a lavish dinner.


4. Miami, Florida

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Miami, Florida

If you and your BFF are party animals, then Miami is a must visit place for you two. Miami is known to party till the break of dawn, with a strict dress code – where less is more. Party like there is no tomorrow.


5. New York, NY

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New York, NY

New York is one destination, where all the girl gangs must go. You could shop along Fifth Avenue, tour around the Museum of Modern Art to strolling through Central Park during the day. At night take a Broadway show or part at many night spots.


6. Nashville, Tennesse

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Nashville, Tennesse

If music is what you both enjoy, then you must visit Nashville. It gave birth to some of the most famous singers. You can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, which is the world largest music museum.


7. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Remember the Hangover movie series? Yes, this is the best place to spend with your BFF, party goes on till 4 am which still looks like 9 pm. Go ahead and play slot machine, watch a flashy show or dance like no one is watching and repeat it all over again the next night. A night you will never forget, because we all know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


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