7 Beauty Habits to Follow Before Bed for Healthy Skin

7 Beauty Habits to Follow Before Bed for Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is something which every woman craves for. Pollution, stress, lack of proper sleep and other factors usually have a bad effect on our skin. Moreover we just tend to go to bed without taking proper care of our skin. Skin renewal and rejuvenation is the most while you are sleeping and it is very important to follow a healthy skin care regime before going to bed. Here is a list of 7 beauty habits, which if followed religiously every day before bed, would surely give women healthy skin.


Get rid of all the makeup

Healthy Skin

Use a good makeup remover to get rid of all the makeup. Sleeping with your makeup on is a complete NO as your skin wouldn’t be able to breathe properly. Leaving makeup on for the night clogs your skin which results into pores and pimples.



Follow a proper CTM routine

It is important to follow a proper Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize routine so that skin renewal is at its best. Use a good clarifying face wash to get rid of all the impurities, use a calming toner and end up with a light moisturizer. This way you would definitely wake up with soft and smooth skin.



Pamper your lips

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Use your tooth brush to scrub your lips. This way you would get away with all the dead skin on the lips. It also helps in increasing the blood flow which imparts a nice color and leaves lips baby soft. After that apply a layer of petroleum jelly as this would help in moisturizing the lips.



Take a warm water bath

Just like your face, rest of your body also has all the dirt and grime from the day. A good warm water bath not only helps in getting rid of all the impurities but also calms your senses and relieves your body of the day’s stress.



Apply a good under eye-cream

Healthy Skin

Using a good under eye cream before sleep is a must. The skin around your eyes is extra-delicate and sensitive and requires proper care. A good under eye-cream not also moisturizes the area around the eyes but also delays the formation of wrinkles.


Take care of your hands and legs

We often tend to ignore taking care of our hands and legs whereas these two body parts do most of the work during the day. All the washing and rubbing during the day, strips your hand of moisture. Use a good hand cream just before you hit the bed. Your legs also face a lot of stress due to all the running around. Apply a thick lotion or petroleum jelly to your feet and wear a pair of socks over it. You would end up waking with crack-free soft feet.



Pin up your hair

Last but not the least, sleep with your hair tied up in a loose bun or braid. If left open, all the dirt from your hair might get transferred to your face. Pinned up hair also helps in preventing hair-fall and frizz.


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