6 Times When Bollywood’s Dressing Sense Went Haywire

6 Times When Bollywood’s Dressing Sense Went Haywire



Our B-town is flooded with divas who flaunt their natural style with flair, and hunks who can give a lesson or two on to on how to woo your lady with impeccable trend mania, albeit on fleek. Be it the gorgeous drapes that flatter the leading ladies’ curves, or the crisp fabrics that spam smartly the broad and muscular persona of starry studs, Bollywood is flooded with style showstoppers. However, there are times, when in the excitement and frenzy of trying out something new, the style does a topple, and the fashion sight goes for a toss, to leave us with an eyesore, embedded in our memories. Take a look at some of these disasters, which are too hard to forget.



Parineeti Chopra


Bollywood's Dressing Sense





Long before her svelte days, this is what she had turned up in, and well, we would like to forget that. 





Sonakshi Sinha


Bollywood's Dressing Sense




Just when we had started to love for the way she projected herself, so aesthetically, Sonakshi wore this too IIFA. The bold patches did no justice to her figure and this became one of her worst looks of all time.



Mallika Sherawat



Bollywood's Dressing Sense

Bollywood's Dressing Sense



The bare-it-all trend just bounced to its own death with this attire. Too much skin and too little class, is shouting out for attention, which is too bad.



Amisha Patel



Bollywood's Dressing Sense



We really have no words for this one. Skulls with stockings, nuff said! We admire her guts and confidence to carry this dress though.



Ekta Kapoor



Bollywood's Dressing Sense



We just wish that her fashion sense could also come back from the dead, like most of characters of her quintessential soap operas.



Ranveer Singh



Bollywood's Dressing Sense



A perfect example of how a beard or even a hard stubble can up your charm by notches. But some of the times, why so bleh, Ranveer. The flowers, too many, this time.



Know any other fashion bloops? Let us know in the comments below.






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