5 Tips to Pack Your Travel Makeup Bag

5 Tips to Pack Your Travel Makeup Bag



Travelling can get stressful, first of all deciding what clothes to pack and second of all deciding what makeup you need to pack. A lot of us may not be very comfortable to wander around without any makeup on, we need the basics. But, how much of it is the basics? And if you are like me, I end up taking excess than required and barely use any. So, I learnt it the hard way, first decide what is the purpose of your travel (so you can pack accordingly) and second makeup is best even in travel size.


Read on so that next time you don’t have to hustle and bustle before packing.



  1. Makeup bag/organizer


Travel Makeup Bag


I recommend you to buy a bag which has multiple sections/compartments.  This allows keeping the makeup products in place and doesn’t mess. Avoid carrying those bulky pouches or zip lock bags, if you are carrying tons of cosmetics. These messes up the makeup and take a lot more space than the organizer.


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  1. Make a list 


Travel Makeup Bag


Prepare a list not only in your head, but also write it down. Write down everything you use in your daily routine from face wash, moisturizers to bobby pins and hair spray. This will ensure that nothing important is missed or packed something that you really don’t need. Once you have done that it is easy to jettison without the guilt.




  1. Use multi-purpose Makeup products


Travel Makeup Bag


Try packing as many multi-purpose products as you can, this will streamline the process. Like use a cheek and lip stain, a light eye shadow will also work well as a highlighter, a cream blush can also act like lip tint or eye shadow and a lipstick can be used as a cheek stain. And the fact is lipstick is the easiest to travel with and also creates a variety of looks.




  1. Omit Makeup Removers


Travel Makeup Bag


Carrying liquid while traveling can cause accidents and turn up to be a real mess if it leaks; plush you need to carry cotton sobs. Instead of your regular makeup remover carry facial wipes, they work equally well and are convenient. At least you know there are no spills going to happen.




  1. Use Reusable Bottles


Travel Makeup Bag

These bottles are available easily in the market. Instead of carrying a big bottle you can just fill these and you are good to go. You can also find makeup in travel size packs, they are easy to carry and don’t take a lot of space.


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