5 Animal-Inspired Stylish Jewellery Pieces for an Animal Lover!

5 Animal-Inspired Stylish Jewellery Pieces for an Animal Lover!

Do you have an eternal and heartfelt love for your pet? Or do you have a friend who’s bit too fond of her dogs or cats? Well, the animal world has inspired so many designers all around the world seek some design ideas. And no, these aren’t made from animal skin or an elephant tusk. No animal has been hurt in the process of making these dainty yet eye-catching animal-inspired stylish jewellery pieces. It only required the designer to see the beauty of these mute souls. Believe me, if you’re wondering what to get for your animal crazy girlfriend’s birthday, these subtle pieces of animal-inspired jewellery are a perfect gift for an animal lover.


1. The Dog Charm Bracelet

Animal-Inspired Stylish Jewellery

Does your friend have a dog at her house and she just can’t get over him? Or does she always wished to have a furry friend? This bracelet can say this out loud to the world, how much love you have for these silent souls. Buy here


2. Tiger Print Bracelet

Animal-Inspired Stylish Jewellery

This is the perfect pick if you’re looking for a jewellery piece to demonstrate your love for animals and you want that to be equally chic. It can go pretty well with your casual outfits. This tiger printed glitter bracelet will complement your little black dress pretty well. You can also find zebra and leopard printed bangles online, as well. Buy here


3. Owl Neckpiece

Animal-Inspired Stylish Jewellery

These lockets are much in trend these days and isn’t going to come down on the radar in the coming times. We have even spotted Bollywood celebs in such pendants. You can rock this owl-inspired pendant with a vintage chain. The chest-length chain will complement soundly with your casual attires. You can have an owl, eagle or any other bird-inspired locket to complete your collection. Buy here


4. Turtle Shell Jewellery

Animal-Inspired Stylish Jewellery

You must have seen many of the fashion freak girls wearing turtle shell sunglasses and spectacles these days. The new trend has been telling about the turtle shell hair accessories and jewellery pieces these days. The turtle motif is the most popular one. Buy here


5. The ‘Best Friends’ Pendant Set

Animal-Inspired Stylish Jewellery

I immediately lost my heart to this piece of jewellery and the idea behind the design is so touching. If your friend is having a dog as a pet, she’s going to love for such a thoughtful gift. The set consists of two pendants, one of which is meant for the master and the other is for the furry-friend. This beautiful and thoughtful piece of jewellery absolutely acclaims the adage, “Dogs are man’s best friends!”. Buy here


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