10 Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

10 Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding


If you think Wine, Martini Vodka, Rum are only the happening drinks one must have at the weddings, well you need to check this blog and you would definitely opt for “dry wedding” with these new twisted, colorful and refreshing mocktails which I have penned down for you bringing from all over the globe (that’s too much,isn’t it?? :-P).

Its all different then what we usually know shikanji and chai is. They are really super cool drinks one must try and the best way is to incorporate it thoughtfully into the theme and decor of your reception. If its a pool party along with mehendi ritual or bachelorette party; these drinks are cool way to show the alcoholic lovers that even non-alcoholic drinks can make you go high over its taste and twist.

Here are some hand picked best 10 yum mocktails that you can try-

1.Peach Melba Cooler

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

Preparation – Peaches, raspberries and thyme is been used to make this simple and light drink. Recipe here 


2. Designated Appletini

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

Preparation – In a cocktail shaker filled with crushed ice, add apple juice, lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake it well. Strain into a glass rimmed with granulated sugar. Garnish with an apple slice. Serve it chilled.


3. Italian Soda

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

A reach creamy mocktail with the punch of Strawberry or Blueberry Syrup.

Preparation – Fill a glass with ice. Pour 1/4 part syrup(Strawberry or Blueberry) over the ice. Add in one part club soda. Pour in a small amount of cream and stir. Simple, isn’t it!!


4. Flavored Waters

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

Flavored water is inexpensive, totally versatile, and oh-so-perfect for a hot weather wedding…

Preparation – Place all the sliced lemon, orange and the cucumber in a glass pitcher and add water. Refrigerate for two hours to allow flavors to infuse, then serve in glasses over ice.


5. Virgin Sangria

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

A traditional sangria contains red wine, lots of summer citrus, and sometimes some club soda for a bit of added fizz. You can use whatever fruit you prefer or already have on hand.

Preparation – Combine 1 part club soda to 2 parts cranberry juice. Cut up as many citrus fruits as you can fit in your karafe like orange, lemon and sweet lime. Chill the entire karafe and then what, serve it!!


6. Thai Iced Tea

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

One of the most liked and yum mock-tail selling all over the globe.

Preparation – One of the key factors in making it like the restaurants is using authentic Thai tea mixes. Thai tea has a vanilla aroma to it and tea is dyed in orange food color to get that orangy color when you make it. As far as the creamy layer goes, many people use different ingredients such as half and half, whole milk, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk and even low-fat milk. Adding Sugar a bit is optional which goes as per ones taste.


7. Hocus Pocus Fizz

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

This yummy drink is so bright in color that goes perfect when you have bold and big fat wedding.

Preparation – Mix pineapple juice, almond extract, coconut extract and food coloring in a large measuring cup(3 drops red food coloring, 2 drops yellow food coloring). 2 tablespoons sugar to the mixture. Cranberries (optional) to decorate. For each drink, pour 2 ounces pineapple juice mixture into beverage glass. Top with 4 ounces sparkling white grape juice.


8. Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

Watermelon consist 95% water in it, which is good source of keeping your body hydrated when the weddings are in summer.

Preparation – watermelon juice, simple syrup infused with cucumber, Soda Water or sparkling water, Watermelon and cucumber to garnish. Whenever you are ready to serve – Mix watermelon with the soda water, add some cucumber syrup and garnish it with mint leaves or cucumber or watermelon slice.


9. Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

Prepartion – Place lemon juice, sugar, coconut water, and water into a pitcher and shake or stir vigorously until all the sugar is dissolved. Pour 1/2 of the lavender syrup into the pitcher and stir. You can add more or less lavender syrup to your personal taste and color.

For Lavender Simple Syrup, see here


10. Cindrella

Yum Mocktails To Have On Your Wedding

Preparation – Put ice cubes in a shaker and pour pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon juice all in equal quantity with double the amount of club soda with the dash of grenadine. Garnish with orange and pineapple slices. Serve chilled.

Are you planning to try any? Let us know how did it come out in the comment box below!


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