10 Things to Look for in an Ideal Indian Bahu

10 Things to Look for in an Ideal Indian Bahu



Every grooms’ mother wants a Sanskari, Sati and Desi bahu.This trend has been around for ages now in our culture. And why not? Finding a typical Indian bahu is really hard. For eg. one who is fair skinned, tall, with her morals intact and who is also ready to give up everything for her husband and his family.




So here is a list of an ideal Indian bahu for gals to figure out if you are and for the guys if you are looking for.




1. Has to be a virgin


Ideal Indian bahu


Congratulations, if you are a virgin. Nothing else really matters then. You are already the perfect Indian bahu.




2. Need a chef


Ideal Indian bahu


Oh yes! You need to be a chef and cook gourmet food for him and his family. You are a wife you need to know how to cook, right?




3. Perfect roti maker


Ideal Indian bahu


Yes, I know I have covered the chef part and all. But roti is not gourmet and all bahu’s need to know how to make one. The parameters of a roti are: perfectly round, 10 cm in diameter, must puff, has to soft, dripping with ghee and so on….




4. No drinking


Ideal Indian bahu


If you drink, it’s time to bid farewell to all the alcohol. Also you can’t hangout with people who drink, that excludes you husband.




5. Greets all!


Ideal Indian bahu


You have to greet all out of respect and we are not against it, but please don’t let us go overboard.




6. Fair


Ideal Indian bahu


She has to be fair as milk. And if not start using fair and lovely, this is why they were created. Duh!




7. Early Bird


Ideal Indian bahu


Wakeup early and what, you are guessing it wrong,not for a walk or jogging! And get dressed.




8. Long hair


Ideal Indian bahu


Long hair is automatically equal to sanskari bahu, because short hair is edgy and rebellious. And who wants a rebellious punk bahu.




9. Doesn’t Party


Ideal Indian bahu


No late nights! Because we judge your character by the way you spend your time partying.




10. Knows all the household chores


Ideal Indian bahu


Start learning all the household chores, because you come and the maid goes. Seriously?



These are some qualities that most of the Indian society wants in ideal bahu. However, the sad part is that nobody judge on how to be an ideal husband or ideal mother-in-law. So let’s stop being judgemental about your own and others daughters. Because she is more than what she does.







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