10 Detox Foods to Add in Your Daily Meal Plan

10 Detox Foods to Add in Your Daily Meal Plan



We all go on a detox spree every once in a while, but is this really effective? Well, yes, it is effective, but for a very short duration. Rather than focusing on cutting down food, incorporate these detoxing foods in your daily meal. This will help detox effectively, naturally and is long term.



Scroll through and find out these detoxifying foods to add in your daily meal plan.



  1. Broccoli



Detox Foods



They may look sick, but they are packed with nutrition. This specifically works with enzymes in your liver and turn toxins into something that your body can abolish easily. Incorporate this vegetable in stir fry, soup or just boiled.



  1. Lemon



Detox Foods



Lemons are always on top of the list and there are many lemon water detoxifying diets floating around. Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. It helps to flush toxins from your body and helps in digestion.



  1. Apples



Detox Foods



Someone was right in saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” They are rich in fiber, helps in lowering cholesterol and also helps digestion. They also have a low-glycemic, which doesn’t cause any crazy sugar spikes.



  1. Garlic



Detox Foods



They are a rich source of sulphur, which stimulates the liver. The good thing about garlic is that you can easily incorporate into your daily meals. It adds some amazing flavour and aroma.



  1. Dark green leafy vegetable



Detox Foods



These boring and not so appealing leafs are enriched with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It helps in removing the body toxins and improves digestion. If you don’t like it in a form of salad, then add it to fruit juice to conceal the taste of leafy veggies.



  1. Grapefruit



Detox Foods



They are the detox punchers, which gets your body into action as far as detox is concerned. It helps the liver burn fat, which also helps weight loss.



  1. Asparagus



Detox Foods



These long green shoots rank highest on the detox meter. It is not only good for body detox, but also helps you wage anti-ageing, fight cancer, it is anti-inflammatory and also helps your heart to stay healthy.



  1. Avocado



Detox Foods



Avocado is high in fat content, but still is a part of the detox list. They have fats, but these are good fats that help the body stay active. Lay it on a slice of toast, season it and enjoy!



  1. Green tea



Detox Foods



Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. They help to kill free radical in your body before they cause any harm. Have at least one cup a day if not more.



  1. Water



Detox Foods



A lot of us overlook water, but it is so important for your body. Water is the best detox; it flushes all the toxins faster. Consume at least 3 liters of water daily.



Happy (long term) Detox!


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