10 Beauty Myths To Stop Believing In

10 Beauty Myths To Stop Believing In

I don’t know about you guys, but I have been given such weird beauty advice – mostly myths. Hearing thing from our friends, sisters, aunts, moms and even grandma. Remember the days when your happening and perfect older cousin sister, would tell you shaving your legs caused dark and thick hair. It was all a lie, an utter lie.

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Well most of the advice given was for your good, but they were only based on what was told or passed on to them and not facts. Here are a few myths that we are going to debunk for you. So that you pass on facts and not myths to the generation after!

1.Shaving is bad

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No, it is not. Shaving your legs will not change the structure of the hair follicles or control the way your hair grows. So feel free and shave it off!

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2. Plucking hair

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Na-uh! Again the same, follicles function the same way as on your body hair. So if you pluck a grey hair, only grey will grow on that follicle – it doesn’t affect the other follicles. Sit back and relax, you won’t transform into a silver fox!


3. Toothpaste for acne

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It is partially agreeable that tooth paste could be a quick hack to get rid of a zit. This is because of the ingredients it contains like hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and baking soda, which dries the zit quickly. However, this is not a long run solution. These ingredients tend to dry and peel your skin. So use the right product to get rid of a zit next time.


4. Using a lighter concealer

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Again this method works well if you want to look like Kim K. And this looks wonderful in photos. However, if you use a concealer daily make sure it is the same color as you skin tone or close to your skin tone.


5. Moisturiser is only for dry skin


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False. Even oily skin needs moisturiser, because when your skin is drying; it produces more than natural oil. Hence, use an oil free moisturiser to keep you skin hydrated or use a light water based moisturiser.


6. Crossing legs causes spider veins

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Ok. Yes. It’s kinda true. Spider veins are caused by prolonged sitting, standing or smoking, but they are mostly genetic. Crossing your legs isn’t going to really cause them.


7. No sunscreen when its cloudy

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False. You must wear a sunscreen every time you step out of your house. Be it sunny or cloudy, you better not find an excuse not to wear a sunscreen. Also, Skin Cancer Foundations say that – 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays easily pass through clouds.


8. Shrink pores

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No you can’t. Your pore size depends on your genes. However, you can make them appear small. You could also use a toner to tighten the pores.


9. Sleeping with makeup on

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It’s a big NO. No matter how tired or late you get, make sure to cleanse your skin before sleeping. Your skin eats what you wear, so you can imagine that you skin is feeding on makeup. This is makes your pores dirty, causing pimples.


10. Cut your cuticles, for healthy nails

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Never even try to do that. Your cuticles act as a barrier between you nail beds and the outside world. It protects your nails from any kind of bacteria and fungus, which can easily be carried into the body. So next time don’t cut your cuticles, push it in.

Hope you stop believing everything that was told to you!


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